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Butterfly Clutch

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Rubber Clutch

deluxe clutch gold

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Die Struck Pins

What are Die Struck pins?

If you are looking for elegance and prestige a gold or silver die struck pins is your best option. Die struck pins are created by taking your design and creating a steel die. The die is placed on top of a thin sheet of steel or brass metal and through pressure the design is stamped into the metal leaving raised and recessed areas. The metal is then plated with your choice of gold, silver, nickel, brass, copper or other plating options and polished for a high quality jewelry finish, perfect for creating custom metal pins. Often a sandblast texture is applied to the recessed areas to give contrast between the raised and recessed parts of the metal. While diestruck usually refers to a classic all metal look, enamel pins are also diestruck but take it one step further by adding enamel to the recessed areas to add color to the pin. All our pins would be considered wholesale pins as we sell in bulk, 50 piece minimums.

The advantage to diestruck pins is that no enamel is required which in terms of cost they become cheap custom pins. Ironically even though they are less expensive they look elegant and prestigous.

Why use Die Struck pins?

  • Need custom made lapel pins that can be delivered in 5-7 days
  • Need an all silver or custom gold pins
  • Need something that looks more like jewelry
  • Need something that is very subtle and classy
  • Need something that looks old – utilize the antique finish

What is included in my custom pin order?

  • FREE – artwork (full color proof emailed to you within 24 hours)
  • FREE – up to 8 colors included in the custom enamel pins design
  • FREE – setup and mold
  • FREE – UPS ground shipping
  • RESPONSE TIME – Quote request response in 1 hour or less
  • PRODUCTION TIME – Product ready to ship in 10 days or less

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