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1 1/4"$2.77$2.27$1.74$1.41$1.31$1.28$1.16$1.12$0.96$0.90
1 1/2"$2.92$2.42$1.89$1.55$1.45$1.42$1.30$1.26$1.11$1.03
1 3/4"$3.17$2.64$2.10$1.74$1.64$1.61$1.50$1.46$1.30$1.23

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Backing Options

butterfly clutch, military clutch

Butterfly Clutch

rubber clutch

Rubber Clutch

deluxe clutch gold

Deluxe Clutch

Safety Pin


Round Magnet


Magnet Bar

Stick Pin

Screw Back

Tie Clip

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Poly Bag

Plastic Box

Velvet Box

Velvet Bag

Hard Enamel Pins

What is it?

Hard enamel pins (also known as cloisonné pins) are the best quality pins available. Custom hard enamel pins are the high-end choice when you want pins that are fancy, colorful and durable with a polished finish. Hard enamel pins (also known as cloisonné pins) are first die-struck with a design leaving raised and recessed areas. Enamel paint is filled into the recessed areas, hardened by heat at very high temperatures, and then polished off smooth. Each color area is surrounded by a thin metal line that keeps the enamel in its spot, but the entire pin surface will be smooth and hard, unlike soft enamel in which you can feel the thin metal lines. You have great flexibility with design and custom shapes, and you can match colors according to the full spectrum of Pantone/PMS colors. PinProsPlus is an enamel pin maker that knows the ins and outs of pin making and can guide you to make the best decisions.


Why Use Hard Enamel Pins?

  • Need the highest quality
  • Need durability
  • Price is not a factor
  • Need to include tiny details using silkscreen


What is included in my order?

  • FREE – artwork (full color proof emailed to you within 24 hours)
  • FREE – up to 8 colors included in the lapel pin design
  • FREE – setup and mold
  • FREE – UPS ground shipping
  • RESPONSE TIME – Quote request response in 1 hour or less
  • PRODUCTION TIME – Product ready to ship in 10 days or less


As an enamel pin maker we understand that hard enamel pins have many names. If you hear epola pins, cloisonne pins, or authentic cloisonne pins or hard enamel all of these equate to the same thing – the best quality pin available. We have chosen to use hard enamel pins to reference all of these other names.

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