5 Creative & Inexpensive Promotional Items for Your Next Event


 inexpensive promotional items

When a company is involved in an event, no matter how big or small it is, it wants to make sure that attendees are aware of the business and what it offers. One of the most affordable ways to accomplish this goal is through the use of branded promotional items. There are some surprisingly inexpensive promotional items for companies interested in leaving their mark at events.

5 Great Promo Options

  1. Custom pins – It is possible to have company logos or other company-related messages and designs turned into pins for handing out at the event. Some people even collect pins, so it is an easy way to present a reminder of a company to hundreds or even thousands of attendees. These promotional pins can be customized using a variety of metal finishes and different styles, including soft enamel and hard enamel pins.
  2. Custom magnets – As with pins, it is possible to have a company logo or design printed on magnets for people to take home with them. Magnets can be made in smaller sizes and larger sizes, making them appropriate for use on a range of metal surfaces, including metal magnet collector boards, toolboxes and even refrigerators.
  3. Custom banners – Sometimes it is better to create a little more flair with promotional materials. While a pin can be worn, a banner can be waved so all the world can see the company logo or promotional materials. These are great for kids and anyone else who is enthusiastic about spreading the word on a business or event.
  4. Custom buttons – While pins can be perfect little gems, sometimes they are not sizable enough to get the point across. For this job it may be better to choose a custom button design. Buttons also have the benefit of begin an affordable option to quickly create promotional materials for an event. Everyone knows how to pin on a button, and plenty of event goers are ready and willing to pick up any buttons available to participants.
  5. Custom coins – Coins have long been a popular form of recognition for military accomplishments. There is just something gratifying about holding a customized coin in the hand – making this a perfect promotional material when one wants to make an impact. The heft and feel of a coin is ideal when the promotional message is meant to stick around for some time to come.

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