Relay for Life: Purple Ribbon Pins

purple ribbon pinsRelay for Life represented by purple ribbon pins is a unique event that benefits the American Cancer Society. Unlike most fundraising walks, it features a strong community element that is built up by the way it works. Instead of simply showing up, doing something like walking for 5 km and then leaving, Relay teams camp out all night around a track. Members from each team take turns walking around the track while those who aren't currently walking take part in activities and games.

One of the most impactful moments of a Relay for Life event is the luminaria ceremony, where candles are lit both in memory of those who have been lost to cancer and to honor those who have fought it and won. The paper luminaria bags are personalized, so they serve as mementos after the candles are put out.

Another emotionally powerful ceremony is the Fight Back Ceremony, which celebrates the commitment people make to fight against cancer and all of the actions they have taken to do so. This ceremony features local speakers who give rousing presentations to motivate participants to continue the battle.

During all of these activities and events, relay team members continue to switch between each other to take a lap around the track and fulfill their commitments to walk in order to raise funds for cancer research. The relay system allows most of the people to concentrate on the other activities at any given time while still maintaining a taste of the "fundraising walk" format.

Mementos are very important to these emotional community events, and many commemorative items are available before, during, and after they take place. One great example is the purple ribbon lapel pin, which is a very distinctive, yet inexpensive, reminder that is easy to wear with any outfit. Their unique look draws questions and gives wearers a great chance to talk about the event, recall memories of the activities, and spread the word about the American Cancer Society and its efforts.

These pins can be purchased by individuals, but they are more commonly ordered by local Relay for Life organizers. This allows them to be used as fundraiser pins that provide further help to the American Cancer Society. Whether you're a participant, team leader, or event organizer, don't miss out on having pins of your own.

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