Recognition Pins: The Ice Bucket Challenge Worked!

Every day, all over the world, people are working to bring awareness and raise donations for various causes, whether through events, awareness or recognition pins, challenges, or fundraisers. How often do those participating really know why they are involved or where their money is going? For instance, in 2014 the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge spread across the nation.  Videos of people dumping buckets of water over their heads were shared throughout social media.  Those who chose not to get soaked were asked to donate to the ALS association.  But what were their donations for, and did getting wet on film really make a difference? And what even started the challenge?

In July of 2014 Chris Kennedy challenged his wife’s cousin, Jeanette Senerchia, to the Ice Bucket Challenge. Jeanette, whose husband Anthony has ALS, accepted the challenge and posted the video to Facebook.  Chris best described what happened next when he said, “What started out as a [way] to bring a smile to Anthony’s face… turned into a national phenomenon.”  The challenge quickly spread from their family to the entire nation.  Thousands participated and it went on to raise over 100 million dollars for ALS research.  But the best part was still to come.

In an effort to show both skeptics and supporters of the challenge that those involved had assisted in ALS research, the ALS Association announced recently that the money raised from the challenge contributed to the discovery of a new ALS gene. The Ice Bucket Challenge had worked!  And not only did it raise funds, it also raised awareness.  People who had never heard of the disease now understand more about the symptoms and their impacts.

The ALS challenge shows that people’s participation in events towards various causes can and do help. But it can also show that people appreciate recognition for their efforts.  In the Ice Bucket Challenge, knowing that their assistance aided in a new breakthrough gives people validation for their ice bucket attempt. Just as the ALS association recognized the efforts of the challenge participants, awareness lapel pins can be used to communicate with supporters of your own cause that their donations and efforts help.  PinProsPlus can help you design your own cause recognition pins to share achievements, milestones, or other relevant news with not only those who helped you support the cause, but others as well.