The History Of Refrigerator Magnets

 refrigerator magnets


Refrigerator magnets are small, inexpensive tool you can find in most homes. Not only are these magnets useful for holding important papers or artwork on the refrigerator, but they can also add a sense of whimsy or style to the kitchen. However, few people know just how the refrigerator magnet came to be.

About Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator magnets typically consist of a non-magnetic material, such as plastic, attached to a small magnet. Unlike other types of magnets, refrigerator magnets are manufactured with alternating north and south poles, as opposed to one or the other. This allows the magnet to adhere strongly to the refrigerator surface.

History of Magnets

People first discovered magnets 2500 years ago, when they noticed the interactions between naturally-magnetized rocks. The properties of these rocks were not put into practical use until the 12th century AD, when the first magnetic compasses were developed and used.

In medieval times, many people believed that magnets could treat various illnesses and ailments. By the 1800s, magnets used for this purpose became popular in the United States and could be purchased easily. Over time, people began to use magnets for other purposes as well, and refrigerator magnets were born.

Development of Fridge Magnets

The first fridge magnets were manufactured prior to the 1960s and much plainer than those that are available today. They were either rectangular or cylindrical in shape and consisted of simple designs. In the 1960s, manufacturers created the first "educational" refrigerator magnets, which were small plastic letters and numbers attached to a magnet that sticks to the refrigerator. Today, custom magnets are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs to suit virtually any need or taste.  Anything and any design can be printed on them.  If you have a design we can match it.

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