Red Poppies Are For Remembrance - Remembrance Pins

Remembrance pins like red poppy pins help us remember.

“In Flanders fields the poppies blow, between the crosses, row on row…” It was this line in the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ which first connected the red poppy with remembering those who had died in war.  The poem was written by John McCrae, a Canadian surgeon during World War I.  McCrae was inspired by the poppy’s ability to lay dormant in soil for years before reappearing in great numbers.  He saw this ability being perfectly displayed by the field of poppies growing in Flanders.  The red flowers were the first to bloom in the battle-worn ground, covering the graves of soldiers buried there.  Over time the poppy would eventually became a symbol not only of death, but also of life.

Each year around Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day you may notice the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars distributing millions of these bright red flowers in exchange for contributions to their programs. The Auxiliary Poppy Program provides assistance for disabled or hospitalized veterans with the funds gained during the sale of crepe paper poppies.  Not only are the veterans benefited by the donations, but the program also allows those hospitalized to earn a small wage and enjoy therapeutic benefits from creating the paper flowers.  Poppies can also be seen in the wreaths placed on the graves of those who have passed on.    

Just as the poppy bloomed in an otherwise barren battlefield, those who survived the struggles of war have returned home to another chance for life. The poppy can remind us of their past sacrifices, and of the continuing needs of all our veterans.  If you missed the opportunity to receive a crepe paper poppy this Memorial Day, consider having PinProsPlus create a red poppy pin as a way of remembering both living and fallen veterans. Order remembrance pins online today with PinProsPlus!