Soccer Pins Show A Love Of The Game

Recently the USA hosted Copa America Centenario. This 100 year old international continental soccer tournament had never been hosted outside of South America until this year.  Despite other countries claiming the United States “[doesn’t] feel soccer”, soccer is the third most played team sport in the US with over 14 million American’s playing the game.  Soccer pins promote the club.

Soccer has been around in the United States since the 1800’s, although some folklore claim the Pilgrims witnessed American Indians playing a soccer-like game as far back as the 1620’s. In 1820 many colleges played soccer, although there was no intercollegiate competition and the rules were often flexible and changing.  In an effort to create uniformity, the American Football Association was created in 1884. Today the governing body is called the United States Soccer Federation, and there are soccer leagues for all ages, from youth to professional.  Although soccer seasons are usually played in the fall and spring (with the exception of Major League Soccer whose season goes from March to October), summer competitions and camps are often held for US Youth Soccer.  

The latest trend in summer tournaments is to give participants  soccer pins rather than a t-shirt. Players can also trade team pins with other athletes, collecting a large assortment of soccer memorabilia. As most soccer players use backpacks for their equipment, they have a natural place to display their soccer trading pins and the tournaments they’ve attended. PinProsPlus can help you design custom soccer pins for your own team or tournament, or even create a pin simply promoting your love of the game.

As soccer begins to gain even more popularity in the nation, the United States is hoping to have more chances to host international soccer events. Although they lost the bid for the 2022 World Cup, other nations can’t deny that the US DOES feel soccer.