How To Have A Successful Fundraiser

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Almost every activity group needs to raise funds at some point, and this need is strongest when it's time to do something bigger or more unique than usual. This is because most ongoing costs are typically paid for by membership dues or even direct fees. Taking a trip, fixing a building, or putting on a show, on the other hand, requires the group to get a larger amount of money over a relatively short period of time. This is where the fundraiser shines out as a good financial solution.

Here are a few tips for a successful fundraiser:

  1. Have a distinct goal. Most non-members aren't interested in paying money to a group if there's no specific purpose for the funds. Therefore, a fundraiser should always have something specific to mention when people ask why the money is needed.
  2. Sell something. People are more willing to give if they get something tangible in return – even if the value of the item is far less than the amount donated. This is why experienced organizations always offer something when soliciting for money.
  3. Make the items unique. It seems like every children's group sends kids around to take orders for candy bars and other snacks. Break the mold – offer something that's unique to your organization to make your items feel special. Try something like custom lapel pins to make the fundraising effort memorable and spread awareness of your organization.
  4. Get the entire group into it. This improves group morale because everyone feels needed, but more importantly for fundraising purposes, it gets more feet on the pavement. With more salesmen going door-to-door or selling in their workplaces, there'll be more sales and more money raised.
  5. Give all fundraising members something. Hand out commemorative trinkets to everyone who participates in the fundraiser so they feel that their efforts are appreciated. Keep the price of these items small so that there is still enough money left over to meet the main goal.

With these successful fundraising ideas, it’s possible to run a good fundraiser to meet a local activity group’s needs. After a few such events, the effects of practice will kick in and the group won't have to wonder how to raise money anymore.

When looking for items to sell or to use to motivate your group's membership, you don't have to look far.

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