#ThankATeacher With A Teacher Appreciation Pin

The first week in May is National Teacher Appreciation Week, so give a teacher appreciation pin.  President Obama said in his Presidential Proclamation:

“As our Nation has advanced, America’s teachers have helped steer our country’s course. The incredible progress our country has seen is thanks to the dedicated teachers, families, and school leaders who work tirelessly on behalf of our young people.  Our future is written in schools across our country.  We look to the women and men standing in front of classrooms to vest America’s daughters and sons with the hard skills they will need to put their dreams within reach and to inspire them to dream even bigger.  During National Teacher Appreciation Week, let us ensure our educators know how much we value their service in the classroom, how much we appreciate all they do for our students and families, and how thankful we are for their contributions to our national progress.”

There are many ways to show appreciation for those teachers who have had a hand in our lives. The National Educators Association and National PTA have started the #ThankATeacher Campaign.  They have asked everyone to say “thank you” to educators by sharing pictures of their current or favorite teachers on social media with the hashtag #ThankATeacher.  For the 2016 appreciation week, GoFundMe has offered to give a $100 donation to all campaigns created for teacher or classroom benefit.  Some businesses and restaurants have freebies or discounts available for teachers who show their faculty ID.  In schools, teachers are often celebrated with a meal or treat, small gifts from students, or decorations on their classroom door.

PinProsPlus can create a teacher appreciation pin, banner, or button that can be used to honor educators as well. Individuals or groups, such as the North Carolina Association of Educators who created the teacher lapel pins displayed below, can wear these to show support throughout the whole week. Teacher appreciation banners saying “thank you” can be hung in the school’s entrance.  However you choose, be sure to show your gratitude for those who have dedicated their lives to teaching.

70158-ALL-IN teacher appreciation pin