Thank You Pins For World Gratitude Day

Although we can’t send thank you pins to all our customers and supporters, we want to say thank you anyway. And today is the perfect day to do so because it’s World Gratitude Day!

World Gratitude Day first began in 1965. At a dinner held at the East-West Center in Hawaii, 90 members of the United Nations Meditation Group gathered to discuss the need for globally unifying holidays.  One of the ideas presented was for a World Gratitude Day.  The idea of a gratitude day was met with excited agreement, and each member present promised to host a celebration in their own country the following year.  Since then World Gratitude Day has been recognized all over the world.

Each year on September 21, the UN Meditation Group gives out awards as a ‘thank you’ to those who have done something exceptional in the spirit of globalism. Some of those honored in previous years include Sri Chinmoy (creator of World Gratitude Day), the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Dr. Russell Barber, and UNICEF.  Although there are only a few official awards, people from all nations are still invited to share gratitude and thanks with those around them.  The UN Meditation Group believes that gratitude is an important emotion to be shared throughout the world.

So in honor of World Gratitude Day, and because we at PinProsPlus are grateful for our loyal customers and supporters, we would like to say thank you! If you need thank you pins for your own World Gratitude Day celebration we would be happy to help you create them. Thank you lapel pins are a unique way to show gratitude for those around you, and we wish we could send each of you one from us.  Thank you for allowing us to create pins for you, and happy World Gratitude Day!