The Importance of Girl Scouts Badges

We’ve long been supporters of activities and organizations that help children learn and grow, and the Girl Scouts provide a setting for kid to participate in community activities and practice good habits. Founded by Juliette Gordon Low to build “courage, confidence, and character” in young women, there’s now a campaign to make her the face of the ten dollar bill when it is redesigned in 2020. We’ve highlighted some of the awards and badges, including those for adult leaders.

Daisy Girl Scouts

This is the youngest age group of the Girl Scouts with members between kindergarten and first grade (or the equivalent ages). These participants are the only division not designated with badges; they are given pins in the shapes of petals and leaves. After this stage, they become Girl Scout Brownies.

Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards

When girls are in the fourth or fifth grade age-range, they must complete a project that helps their community. At the conclusion of this, they receive the Girl Scout Bronze Award, a bronze pin that is then affixed to their vest. Through a local Girl Scout council, the girl scouts are encouraged to collaborate and share the message of their cause. The next award—the Girl Scout Silver Award—is similar, with the exception that the project might reach beyond the Girl Scout community. The highest level award is the Girl Scout Gold Award in which the scouts must identify an issue, research it, build a team, develop a strategy, and take action.

Girl Scout Awards for Adults

Women who serve as mentors to the Girl Scouts are eligible to receive recognition. Outstanding Volunteer and Outstanding Leader aim to recognize those who dedicate their time and service to pass along the traditions. After over 100 years, this program has touched the lives of millions of girls and continues to empower young ladies globally.

We all seek self-improvement and positive recognition in our lives and the Girl Scouts are one community that provides just that. The value of the pins and badges exceeds the monetary worth; they are a symbol of growth and leadership. If your organization is seeking to instill the same pride in its members, please contact us to explore your options of lapel pins and create custom patches with no minimum.