The Wounded Warrior Corps - Helping America's Vets

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PinProsPlus is proud to be a partner of the Wounded Warrior Corps, which acts to help wounded veterans find work and rejoin civilian society in productive, meaningful ways. By doing so, the Corps aims to decrease problems of unemployment, depression, suicide, and other issues faced by its Wounded Warriors so that their lives will be improved on many fronts.

The Wounded Warrior Corps, like other humanitarian organizations, must constantly raise funds in order to support its mission. It often combines these efforts with events meant to raise awareness of the issues faced by the people it helps. Since raising awareness takes more than standing behind a microphone and speaking, these events often have crowd-pleasers like entertainment and food. A good example is its launch anniversary celebration, which takes place every year on Pearl Harbor Day – the day the Corps was unveiled to the public. 

Events hosted by the Wounded Warriors program don't just provide food and entertainment. Souvenirs, such as custom coins or wounded warriors pins, are all provided to help people spread the word. This helps keep the organization in people's minds long after the fundraiser or other event has long past. 

Of course, the fundraisers aren't the most important activities of the organization. The  most important thing is what is done with the money raised. In the case of the Wounded Warrior Corps, it does more than pay for listings of potential job opportunities. Listings do exist, but more of the work involves training veterans to do work in fields that match their current physical and mental abilities. This is very important for Wounded Warriors who may need to seek new lines of work due to their injuries.

The group also honors soldiers who it believes most embody the spirit of American patriotism, exemplary military service, and other such virtues. While these people surely get official military honors, the Wounded Warrior Corps believes that they deserve civilian recognition as well.

wounded warrior corps coin

PinProsPlus is proud to support this organization and its mission.

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