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Are you looking for a new and stylish fashion statement? Chances are, you want to have a signature look that will distinguish you from others. Unfortunately, with so many people looking to have a unique statement, there's not much room left for expression. Luckily, however, there's one underutilized yet highly effective piece of accessory.

This one piece of accessory that could change your fashion statement and help you stand out is the 100 pin. Enamel pins have gained repute as both a fashion statement and a trend icon in the recent past. Both aesthetically pleasing and functional, you can wear the 100 pin with you in almost any situation.

Some of the common events and occasions where you can wear this include;

1. Bragging rights in school

Are you the best at an activity, academics, or sports? Show off your excellence and brilliance with a 100 pin. Many times, people feel ashamed to accept they are the best. However, you can embrace this fact, remain humble, and continue working hard.

2. Prize after an event

The truth is, trophies and most other prizes cost a lot of money. And in most cases, kids who win at these small events and competitions go home empty-handed. Why not appreciate their efforts with a 100 pin. Chances are, they'll always remember the impact the event had on their lives.

3. Appreciate yourself

In the workplace, most of your efforts may go unnoticed, which could easily derail your career. You can shed light on your accomplishment in the workplace by wearing a 100 pin. Anytime someone asks you what it's for, you can say you appreciate yourself, which will paint light on your efforts.

There's no denying enamel pins have left a mark in the fashion world. You, too, can be part of the lapel pins community by rocking your 100 pin and boosting your style.

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