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Did you know that 74% of people have at least one promotional product on their desk or in their office?

Promotional products are a 6 billion-dollar industry, and the reason why, they sell your company, your products, and your name.  Each item you have generates multiple daily impressions day in and day out.  Promotional products are unique marketing tools.  Unlike internet pay per click where you pay for every click, promotional products display over and over again every day at no additional cost to you. That initial low-cost price keeps on giving well after it is paid for.

Promotional Products Benefits

  • Recognition.  Your brand is displayed over and over again bringing brand recognition.
  • Low Cost.  Compared to other advertising methods, promotional products have mass outreach at a relatively low-price tag.
  • Alternative to a Business Card.  Provides unique alternative to standard business cards that get thrown in a drawer.
  • Tangible.  Promotional products are tangible, people can touch, feel, see, experience, and talk about these items, which leaves a lasting impression in their mind.
  • Powerful.  Just a powerful marketing platform.

Promotion is all about communication, persuasion, reminding, and selling.  If no one knows about you or your product, you will sell very little. Promotional products are a must in any marketing campaign.

We Make Lapel Pins for Big Names

Why Use Promotional Products?

  • 25% of people have an improved impression of a company after receiving a promo product.
  • 50% of people use promotional products daily.
  • 6 out of 10 people still have promotional products they received 2 years ago.
  • 8 out of 10 people own at least 1 promotional product.

How Do I Use Promotional Products?

There are many ways to utilize promotional products.  Give them out at trade shows.  Include them as free gifts when shipping product.  Direct mail samples to current or prospective customers.  The ways are endless.

What is the Best Promotional Product?

Here are PinProsPlus we offer many different promotional products including lapel pins, hard lapel pins, soft lapel pins, challenge coins, embroidered patches, finisher medals, belt buckles, vinyl banners, buttons, keychains, and tie-tacs. But we must say we are partial to custom lapel pins.  There is something about a lapel pin that gets people excited.  We call it the power of the pin.  Maybe it is because you can wear a lapel pin and it becomes mobile that makes it so powerful.  Imagine standing in a room full of people with a 1-inch lapel pin on your suit coat – what will happen?  9 times out of 10 a person will ask you about it and give you an opportunity to tell your story, it is small, but always gets attention. Let us know how we can help you.

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