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Why should we use PinProsPlus to make our custom lapel pins?

We offer the world’s best custom lapel pins! We believe in providing top-notch service and a high-quality product at very competitive prices. We will work on a small job (generally 50 or more) or a large job and give the same exceptional service. Our business is based on following a strict code of ethics. We try to always do the right thing for the right reason – not just what is the easiest or least expensive way to do it.

We believe our prices are very competitive. In fact if you think they aren’t, we would love to hear from you. Maybe we need to adjust them. Your pin is your property. We promise we won’t ever sell, trade or have anything further to do with your pin once we make it. We do reserve the right to make a few extras of your pin (less than 10%). These extra pins will be used as samples and for our brochures and web pages. When you order custom pins from PinProsPlus, we will do everything we can to make you happy!

Check Out our FAQ Answers

Here are some additional answers to frequently asked questions:

I don't have artwork but I have an idea. Can you do the artwork for me?

Absolutely. We have made pins from hand-written drawings on napkins. We’ll take your artwork in any format and convert it to manufacturing-ready artwork. Email whatever you have, even if it is just a description of your idea, to and we will create your masterpiece.

How long does it take to make a custom pin?

In general die struck and enamel pins that are custom made with your design take 3 weeks from order to delivery for FREE shipping. With RUSH shipping we can deliver in 2 weeks from order to delivery.  Don’t be afraid to ask us if you need them sooner – we try to work miracles and can often deliver quicker if necessary.  We also have the PHOTO DOME option which can be made in 1 day and shipped overnight for next day delivery. We try to accommodate whatever you need so you can meet your deadline – just ask.

Click here to learn more about the rush photo dome lapel pins.

What about trademarks and licenses?

We do not make pins with licensed marks unless you hold the license. You will need to furnish proof that you have the right to use a trademarked logo or artwork. You agree to hold us harmless if sued. If we learn after making a pin that a trademark was violated, we will turn the matter over to the proper authorities.

I don't see what I'm looking for. Is everything you make on this web site?

No. We only have some of the more popular items displayed and discussed here. We can do much more. Please contact us.  We have sources for most products and can be your one stop shop.

Can a custom lapel pin or custom medal have two different plating options like gold and silver?

Yes! Please contact us to discuss. There may be limitations which we will discuss with you.

I'm confused by all these pin terms. Can you help?

Absolutely. Based on your art and budget, we will recommend the correct pin type. We are experts at this and will guide you with honest answers and opinions every step of the way. Discover how to choose the right pin type when beginning to customize your own pins.

Why must there be borders around the colors and text on hard enamel and soft enamel pins?

Borders around the colors and text are very important. They separate each color.  Without the borders the paint would run together.  The borders create a recessed area or reservoir to hold the paint (enamel).  If there were no borders, the paint would not retain its shape. To eliminate borders there are two options: either a photodome (off-set printed) style pin or a hard enamel pin with silk screened colors.

What file types do you like for art?

We prefer files that are vector-based, as all pin artwork has to be converted to vector. Vector-based files generally have file extensions like .ai or .eps or sometimes .pdf. If you do not have one of these file types, no problem. We will accept whatever you have and convert it to vector.

What if I don't like the pins after I receive them?

No worries. We stand behind what we sell. If there are manufacturing errors, we’ll fix them at our expense. Every single one of our pins are handled many times during the manufacturing process. Most errors are caught before we ship to you.  Like our guiding principle says we do the right thing for the right reasons.

Can I get a prototype before you make all my lapel pins?

Absolutely. We sometimes recommend this if the pin is complicated or we sense a concern about exactly what the pin will look like when finished or if you are doing a large pin order of 5000 pins or more. The cost is generally around $150 as we have to create a mold, process and ship.

Gold Custom Pin Metal Finish


Antique Gold Custom Pin Metal Finish

Antique Gold

Bronze Custom Pin Metal Finish


Antique Bronze Custom Pin Metal Finish

Antique Bronze

Copper Custom Pin Metal Finish


Antique Copper Custom Pin Metal Finish

Antique Copper

Silver Custom Pin Metal Finish


Antique Silver Custom Pin Metal Finish

Antique Silver

Black Nickel Custom Pin Metal Finish

Black Nickel

Black Dye Custom Pin Metal Finish

Black Dye

White Dye Custom Pin Metal Finish

White Dye

Green Dye Custom Pin Metal Finish

Green Dye

Red Dye Custom Pin Metal Finish

Red Dye

Blue Dye Custom Pin Metal Finish

Blue Dye

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Pin Type Comparison

Pin Type



Soft Enamel Pins

Most Popular, Best Value

Dimensional look

Hard Enamel Pins

Best Quality, Durable

Smooth, polished look; resembles cloisonné

Photo Dome Pins

Quick Turnaround

Offset printed on vinyl affixed to metal with acrylic coating

Die Struck Pins

Great Value

Like soft enamel, but only in gold or silver

Die Cast Pins

For Inner Cutouts

Liquid metal injected into the mold to create shapes and cutouts

Soft Enamel vs Hard Enamel vs Photo Dome vs Button

Hard Enamel vs Soft Enamel

Die Struck vs Die Cast

Photo Dome vs Buttons

Gold vs Silver

Silver vs Antique Silver

Black Dye vs Black Nickel

Questions? Answers!

Be sure to look at our FAQ page for more information about lapel pins and our other styles of pins!

Better yet, call us toll free at (801) 544-1005 from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, email us at or use our handy online quote form. We will answer your questions, help you choose the right pin style and shape, and get you on the road to a Pintastic time. At PinProsPlus, you never pay for design, artwork, setup or ground shipping in the US!

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