Custom Product Comparison

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Comparative Features and Benefits of Our Custom Products

Use the table below to delve into the distinctive characteristics and advantages of each product we offer. Compare to pinpoint the perfect choice that aligns with your unique needs.
Material Quality

High-quality metal and enamel

Durable metal alloys

Resilient fabric and thread

Premium-grade metal, option for colored ribbon

Sturdy metal alloys

Customization Options

Customizable in shape, size, color, and design

Customizable design, choice of metallic finish

Custom shapes and colors, detailed embroidery

Custom design, option for personalized engraving

Design, shape, and size customization available


Long-lasting with proper care

Highly durable and resistant to wear

Highly durable, resistant to wash and wear

Lasting durability with proper care

Robust and long-lasting

Design Complexity

Medium complexity

High complexity

High complexity

Medium complexity

Low to medium complexity

Production Time

Quick production turnaround

Moderate production time

Moderate to long production time

Moderate production time

Longer production time


Affordable, varies with quantity and design complexity

Moderate cost, depending on metal and design complexity

Affordable, varies with design and quantity

Price depends on metal quality and design

Higher cost due to material and production process

Versatility of Use

Promotion, personal accessory, collection

Collection, commemoration

Personal accessory, collection

Awards, recognition, commemoration

Personal accessory, fashion statement


Small to medium, highly visible

Small, high impact due to metallic sheen

Varies, medium to high visibility

Medium size, high visibility

Large, high visibility

Attachment Options

Pin or magnetic backing


Sew-on or iron-on

Ribbon for wearing

Belt attachment

Packaging Options

Plastic bag or presentation box

Plastic flip or presentation box

Bulk packaging or individual packaging

Velvet bag or presentation box

Individual packaging or presentation box

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