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Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins

Our high-quality custom challenge coins are the real deal.

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Challenge Coins

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Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are a tactile and high-quality way to commemorate and celebrate. Custom coins last a lifetime. We can produce quality challenge coins and commemorative coins to your exact specifications.

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Our high-quality custom challenge coins are the real deal. We gladly accept custom designs, and our professional designers can do the heavy lifting for you–and develop custom coins that exceed your expectations!

On-Demand Custom Coins

We manufacture high quality custom challenge coins for the lowest price possible. Unlike many other companies we do not charge a mold fee and offer a $100 credit on repeat orders. You are in good hands with our 20+ years of experience.

Custom Coin Pricing


Size 50 100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000
1.25 $7.08 $4.00 $3.32 $2.58 $2.52 $2.51 $2.39 $2.38
1.5 $7.38 $4.25 $3.57 $2.88 $2.82 $2.81 $2.74 $2.67
1.75 $8.12 $4.71 $4.03 $3.34 $3.31 $3.31 $3.25 $3.18
2 $8.85 $5.17 $4.51 $3.85 $3.81 $3.81 $3.76 $3.59
2.25 $9.47 $5.73 $5.07 $4.40 $4.34 $4.33 $4.27 $4.13
2.5 $10.41 $6.63 $5.96 $5.29 $5.18 $5.20 $5.17 $5.03
2.75 $11.21 $7.20 $6.55 $5.89 $5.67 $5.62 $5.51 $5.48
3 $12.26 $7.76 $7.12 $6.47 $6.12 $6.02 $5.87 $5.83

Coin Edge Examples

Custom challenge coin edge options From left to right: Oblique Line Edge, Bevel Cut Edge (Flat Weave), Diamond Cross Cut Edge, Spur Cut Edge


Coin Plating Options


Coin Packaging

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We Make Custom Military Challenge Coins

Military challenge coins have been a tradition in the American armed services for more than a century, going back to the Civil War and World War I. They are used to instill pride in a unit, improve esprit de corps, reward hard work and honor excellence.

Discover the Fun and Value of Custom Challenge Coins

Military challenge coins have been a tradition in the American armed services for more than a century, going back to the Civil War and World War I. They are used to instill pride in a unit, improve esprit de corps, reward hard work and honor excellence.

Military Coins

Military challenge coins can represent anything from a small unit doing a specialized job to the offices of senior leaders such as the service chiefs and even the Secretary of Defense. Military challenge coins are made for special events, to commemorate an anniversary and recognize even nonmilitary leaders.

Challenge Coins Are A Long-Standing Military Tradition

Looking for a meaningful gift for your Air Force, Coast Guard, or other service veteran? Challenge coin history goes hand-in-hand with the armed forces. And many challenge coin customers are former and active duty–and even more of them own coins that were presented as gifts.

Active Service And Veteran Challenge Coins

Many people on active service as well as veterans proudly display their challenge coins on a desk or at their home because they often represent the many missions – some top secret and highly dangerous –they’ve been on as well as the top leaders they have met and the units where they have served.

Custom Challenge Coins Are A Prized Heirloom

They become a prized possession and keepsake for many people, often passed down through the generations to help sons and daughters, and their children and grandchildren, remember and honor the many men and women who were willing to protect the nation, and fight and die for their country.

Police, Fire, and EMS Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are an excellent choice for any public servant, retired or active. Additionally, challenge coins make a perfect gift for a recent hire or academy graduate on their way into a public service role. 

Police Challenge Coins

Custom department challenge coins are available, and they make a wonderful gift to a family member or retiring officer. Kids love them, as a challenge coin is something tactile that they can be proud to own. 

Fire and EMS Challenge Coins

Challenge coins also make a great gift for Firefighters and EMS. They’re a meaningful way to celebrate service, and also the perfect award for the winners of the annual fire department/police chili cookout.

Challenge Coins as a Reward

The military is not the only organization using challenge coins to honor achievement and service.  Companies and groups are discovering the fun and value of having challenge coins designed and created for their employees and members. 

Uses For Custom Challenge Coins 

They can be used in many different situations including as a giveaway for important fund-raising campaigns. A challenge coin also can be used as a corporate gift or reward when it is designed with a corporate logo, the details of an event, or other information about a special event or the organization itself.

Types of Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are typically awarded as souvenirs or to commemorate a job well done. They can feature your organization’s insignia, or any other image that can be engraved on promotional products. 

Custom Challenge Coins We Offer

Custom challenge coins are available for a wide range of events. We can produce custom coins in an enormous array of designs. Our coin design experts can produce a variety of coin styles including:

  • Custom military coins for active duty armed forces
  • Coins for public service members
  • Corporate challenge coins
  • Coin company commemorations
  • Coins for government agencies
  • Corporate coins for historic events
  • Coins with slogans depicted or logos
  • Coins with custom edges

We produce custom challenge coins for all military branches including the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Aorce, and Marine Corps. Our high quality coins are offered with custom features, and all metal coins are held to maximum quality standards.

Challenge Coins Are as Simple to Design as They Are Fun to Get

Regardless of whether the design of your challenge coin is simple or complex, our art staff will take your idea and turn it into a unique design that displays your theme clearly – and with beauty.

Quotes For Custom Challenge Coins: Easy And FREE!

Just ask us for a free quote and give our staff a rough idea of how you plan to use it and envision the look of your custom challenge coin. We take it from there and get back to you within only an hour with a design proof and customized price quote. How simple is that?

Custom Coins Are Powerful!

Not only are coins a fun and long-lasting memento, they create a powerful image in the mind.

Challenge Coins Are Tactile And Dignified

A challenge coin has a very high perceived value, and we will customize yours based on how you plan to use it. They are seen as being highly prizes by military and veterans organizations, schools and universities, non-profit organizations, charities and clubs,

What Do Challenge Coins Represent?

A challenge coin is the symbol of strength, chivalry and the commitment to a group or cause. At PinProsPlus, we provide you with premium challenge coins that you can use to build a long-lasting relationship and connection with the people who are important to you,

Challenge Coins Are Versatile!

Besides being used to honor individuals and commemorate events or activities, challenge coins can be used in other crafts. We have designed and made coins for jewelry, and designers use them as pendants, in earrings and pins or brochures.

Challenge Coin Metals

Just as the use of challenge coins are numerous, so, too, are the metals used in their design and manufacture. We make them in gold, silver, copper, nickel or bronze metals. We complete the coin with a variety of finishes and edges.

Special Commemorative Packaging

To add a touch of pizzazz to your custom challenge coin, we can put them in a pouch, a box or a clear capsule. Challenge coin packaging can protect it from wear and maintain its intricate detail. 

Other Custom Features

We also offer special milling, which is what sets our challenge coins apart from other custom products. 

We Turn Your Rough Idea Into A Finished Coin!

Even if you’re not sure what you want your challenge coin to look like, we will help you. Our team of artists and designers will take your vague notion and turn it into finished art work for you to approve or modify. And remember, at PinProsPlus you always get:

  • Free challenge coin design and artwork
  • Free challenge coin modifications to meet your exact needs
  • Free UPS ground shipping anywhere in the United States.

Coins Easy To Use, Easy To Order

Use our online order form or contact one of our friendly and helpful service representatives to discuss your custom challenge coin. We will get back to you with a quote within an hour, or provide it on the phone if you call.

Where can I get a challenge coin made in the United States?

PinProsPlus is based in Utah and is an American-owned designer and manufacturer of challenge coins. Our coin design services are free, and each challenge coin is produced with the utmost care.

Where can I buy military challenge coins?

We make a wide range of quality challenge coins and can create one for your service brand, outfit and even a unit. Our military coins are available in a wide range of coin styles and for each branch, and they’re a great way to boost morale and commemorate your unit members. 

Who makes the best challenge coins?

The challenge coins made by PinProsPlus are of the highest quality. We believe we make the best challenge coins!

Who makes challenge coins near me?

We are as close as your computer or telephone–consider us your local challenge coin company. We provide free UPS ground shipping anywhere in the U.S. 

How long does it take for me to get my challenge coin?

In nearly every instance, we ship your challenge coins to you in 15 days or less. As part of our commitment to amazing customer service, we are located in the continental United States. The quality of the coins turned out of our facility is extremely important.

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Challenge Coins
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Custom Challenge Coin Options

Butterfly Clutch

Butterfly Clutch

Deluxe Clutch

Deluxe Clutch

Rubber Clutch

Rubber Clutch

Clutch Screw

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Magnet Bar

Magnet Bar

Safety Pin

Safety Pin

Stick Pin

Stick Pin

Tie Clip

Tie Clip

Poly Bag

Poly Bag

Plastic Box

Plastic Box

Velvet Box

Velvet Box

Velvet Bag

Velvet Bag

Backer Card

Backer Card

Poly Bag

Poly Bag

Plastic Box

Plastic Box

Velvet Box

Velvet Box

Velvet Bag

Velvet Bag

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