Dee III Balloon Team & American Printing

A Decade with PinProsPlus – Elevating Balloon Event Pins

What do you use your products for?

I have bought Balloon Pins from Pin Pros of over 10 years.  I also do pin design for several different balloon event across the country and Pin Pros does all of our productions. The quality is amazing they are always on time and the one time we had and issue… It was fixed No Problem, No Issue.

Which is your favorite type of product?

The 40th DP pins & my 35th anniversary pin.

What do you like most about your experience with PinProsPlus?

Professionalism, willingness and enthusiasm, I love PinPros energy and desire to make the client happy plus they do an incredible job of that.  One of the largest Balloon event on the west coast we do all their pins and since we took over their pin design and production their sales have sky rocketed. With some of the Most unique designs in the industry.

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