The Differences Between Hard and Soft Enamel

Hard and soft enamel.  Selecting a type of pin can be overwhelming, so we’ve broken out a few of our styles for comparison.

hard and soft enamelA soft enamel lapel pin are our most popular style. It’s the most cost effective and there is some texture or dimensional look to the design. “Soft” refers to how the enamel—the type of paint used on pins—is treated. It is air dried, causing the paint to settle ever so slightly and the metal divider lines around each color to be slightly raised. It creates a dimensional look with a texture you can feel if you rub your thumb across the surface.

hard enamel lapel pinHard enamel pins are the highest quality available and come with a higher price tag - but not that much more. “Hard” enamel is hardened with heat and polished off smooth, creating a smooth surface and preventing the paint from recessing.  If  you rub your thumb across a hard enamel pin it will feel smooth as you do not feel the metal divider lines.

We recommend that for events of significance where quality is important that you select hard enamel pins for the durability, jewelry quality, and distinctness. For large gatherings, such as sporting events, promotions or giveaways where price is of highest importance, we suggest you select soft enamel. It still has great durability and quality but at a lower price point. Create custom enamel pins with no minimum with PinProsPlus today.

In either instance, please feel free to submit your ideas and we’ll get back to you within an hour!