Emoji Pins

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It started with a simple smiley face. Then a frowning face appeared. Now, there are emoji’s expressing nearly every emotion a person can imagine.

Emoji’s are everywhere.

They are commonplace on social media and most smartphones come with many different types as a standard feature with text messaging. Even LinkedIn, the very proper business-focused social media platform, changed a simple “like” to five different emojis including thumbs up, a heart, clapping hands, a lightbulb and face with a curious expression.

This is why PinProsPlus can put every emoji imaginable on custom lapel pins. But we also can put them on custom embroidered patches, custom buttons, even finisher medals and custom vinyl banners. Often, customers combine an emoji with their logo or the symbol of a product or an event they sponsor.

If you can emote it, we can make it!

Emoji Lapel Pins are Popular

No question that a custom lapel pin that has an emoji on it is growing in popularity.

Whether the lapel pin is just the emoji by itself or combined with a corporate logo, slogan or URL, it will make people look twice. Nobody expects to see an emoji smiling at them from somebody’s shirt, jacket, cap or bag.

Not sure how to use an emoji with your brand? We can help you! Call our experienced representative at 866.345.7467 will help you and one of our talented designers will create a concept for you to approve, modify or change.

And at PinProsPlus, everything is included:

  • FREE consultation and quote on your design
  • FREE professional design services
  • FREE artwork proof within two-to-four hours
  • FREE setup

Plus, we give you a quick turnaround of 10 business days of less on nearly every order.

Custom emoji lapel pins are incredibly inexpensive: As little as 15-cents each depending on the size, style and quantity that you order.

Emojis Lapel Pins Can Be Made in Every Style

By far, a custom die struck emoji pin is the most popular because it is the most economical. But we can made your emoji pin as …

  • Either a hard enamel pin or a soft enamel pin depending on the finished look you desire.
  • A custom die cast pin when you want to add an element of elegance and style
  • A photo dome pin when an offset printing process will work

The only question you need to answer is “What do I want my emoji lapel pin to look like?”

Now all you need to do is call one of our representatives at 866.345.7467.

If you can dream it, we can make it! Let us help you get PINspired!