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Custom flag pins are perfect for groups to share their common association with each other and people they meet.

Custom Flag Pins Make a Statement

Presidents and politicians wear one. Members of veteran’s groups wear one Scout troops often wear one. School kids wear them as they pledge allegiance every morning as class starts. Each new citizen is given one at many of the swearing-in ceremonies around the country. It is a custom American flag pin and at PinProsPlus, we can make a single, dual, or multiple flag pin to meet your exact needs.

When you want to share and show your pride and patriotism, an American flag pin, a state flag pin, a custom friendship pin, or world flag pins will do the trick for you. And we can create a pin that combines an American flag with a stage flag or symbol such as the Bald Eagle with the U.S. flag or an animal or bird like California’s bear, Wisconsin’s badger or Minnesota’s loon.

Our ability to make custom flag pins is ideal for veterans, first responders, civic groups, and just about anyone who wants to display their national pride with a custom lapel pin.

Great for Traveling!

With cheap airfares and long summer vacations, many people are visiting foreign lands. At PinProsPlus, we have tour groups ordering an array of dual-flag pins: An American flag on one half with the various nations being visited on the other half. Regardless of the countries on the itinerary, we can make custom dual flag pins for the entire itinerary and adventure.

And at PinProsPlus, everything is included in the price of the pin!

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Ordering a custom flag pin is simple. Just request a free quote on our website or by calling us at (866) 345-7467. If you call, we’ll give you a quote right away. If you use our quote form, we’ll get back to you within an hour (during normal business hours).

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