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From the beatniks in the 1950s to hipsters in 1990s, being “cool” has been a way of putting your personality on display. In today’s world where new trends, cultural icons and meme’s seem to hit the internet every day, many customers find that a trendy meme lapel pin shows off a sense of style.

What’s Cooler Than a Trendy Meme Lapel Pin?

Custom trend lapel pins are ordered by fashion designers and retailers, record companies and stores, manufacturers of hot merchandise, television and movie producers. They all want to cash in on whatever is trending now so they can be handed out to suppliers, merchants, fans and ordinary folks walking down the street.

Why? Because a custom trend lapel pin not only spreads the word but also creates a “tribe” of followers who like knowing they are in on the coolest, latest and greatest.

They are PINspired!

Many Ways to Be Cool with A PinProsPlus Custom Pin!

We can produce pins in any size, shape, color or design needed to capture the moment:

  • A soft enamel trending pin, which can have a three-dimension feel to it.
  • A hard enamel trending pin, which is smooth and polished and can resemble cloisonné
  • A die struck trending pin, which is like soft enamel but with no color.
  • A die cast trending pin, where liquid metal is injected into the mold to create pins with cutout areas.
  • A photo dome trending pin, which offers a very fast turnaround and are photo realistic.

Because custom lapel pins offer so much flexibility, at PinProsPlus we can make a trend pin to show exactly what you want to portray:

  • It can resemble the current hot musician or actor
  • A political symbol such as the peace sign or a dove
  • The international space station or an astronaut
  • To look like a bicycle or any type of sports gear
  • In the shape of any sort of plant, fruit, flower, bug or tree

If it is hot and new and you can dream it, we can make it!

Stand Up, Stand Out, With a PinProsPlus Trend Pin!

By ordering a cool and trending pin, you will show your customers and suppliers that you know what is going on in the world and are right in style. Some trend lapel pins are edgy and focus on what is “in” right now. Others can show off timeless style. Either way, a custom trend lapel pin from PinProsPlus will turn heads and have people talking about you.

Our pins use the best quality material and, depending on the size, style and quantity ordered, cost as little as 60 cents each. They will look amazing when attached to a jacket, cap, bag, backpack or even a guitar case. And at PinProsPlus, there are no extra charges. Everything you need is included:

  • FREE quotes in one hour or less
  • FREE artwork if you need it
  • FREE proofs sent to you in 24 hours or less
  • FREE changes to the proof
  • FREE set-up and molds
  • FREE array of colors and finishes

If you’re wondering how a custom trend pin will work for you, please call one of our experienced representatives at 1.866.345.7467. A real person will answer the call and be able to help you.

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