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Custom lapel pins for plant enthusiasts are available in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes.

Custom Plant Pins Celebrate A Major Industry!

In the United States, the annual sales of house plants are in the billions of dollars. Add to that total the sale of both green and flowering garden plants and the figure is multiplied ten-fold. Plants are a big business and little wonder: Nearly everybody enjoys puttering in their garden and during frozen winters a house plant adds a bit of life and color to a home on even the dreariest of winter days.

Plants represent a big business and we make pins to help companies in the industry promote their products to stores, customers and people with – and without – a green thumb.

At PinProsPlus, we work with landscape designers and gardeners, businesses that produce and sell plants online, and even local garden clubs to create a dazzling array of custom plant lapel pins:

  • Custom schefflera plant pins
  • Custom amaryllis plant pins
  • Custom cactus plant pins
  • Custom bird of paradise pins
  • Custom aloe vera pins
  • Custom fern plant pins
  • Custom pins that look like a watering can
  • Custom plant pins in a planter
  • Custom border plant pins

If it can grow in a garden, a window box, on a balcony or in a planter, we can make a pin to promote it, celebrate it and display it. All it takes is a bit of PINspiration!

Only Imagination Limits How Plant Pins Are Used

When it is the dead of winter in many parts of the United States and next spring’s garden is a distant dream, it is warm and sunny in other parts and plants are in full bloom. But even in snowy, wintry climates, house plants bring spring to life year-round.

A plant pin can remind customers in cold regions that spring will be here soon. In warmer parts of the nation, a custom plant pin will encourage buyers to keep their year-round garden looking great.

PinProsPlus makes custom lapel plant pins in many different materials and styles.

  • Soft enamel pins are our most popular style and are ideal when there is a major promotion for staff to wear and to hand out to customers
  • Photo dome plant lapel pins are popular because a photo can replicate a specific plant
  • A company that sells bonsai plants ordered a hard enamel plant pin because it could resemble cloisonné
  • A die stuck pin was perfect for a greenhouse because it was designed in the shape of a flowering plant
  • Die cast plant pins can have cutouts so when a commercial grower was promoting cactus plants we made the lapel pins to look just like what we think of when a cactus comes to mind.

PinProsPlus can create a pin that is just right to meet the needs of any grower, garden center or club. Best of all, plant pins are economical, costing as little as 60-cents each depending on the style and quantity ordered. And everything is included!

  • FREE quote within one hour using our on-line quote form – and on the phone if you call
  • FREE professional design service
  • FREE proofs very FAST
  • FREE revisions whether it’s your design or our concept
  • FREE set-up
  • Fast 10-15 day turnaround on most orders

To change our motto a little bit, if you can grow it, we can make it!

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