Destination Imagination Pins

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Many of the top destination imagination teams order pins through PinProsPlus . We’ve made countless creative and colorful pins over the years that help to get kids excited about destination imagination.

Destination Imagination Pins

Destination Imagination (DI) is a hands-on system of learning.  It is fun and helps students learn creativity and courage by exposing them to challenges in the areas of STEM(science, technology, engineering and mathematics).  Kids of all ages participate in teams of 5 ranging in age from elementary to college age.  Competitions are held locally, and as they progress move on to district, national and then global competitions.

Destination global finals are held every year toward the end of May.

Custom DI Pins

An important part of Destination Imagination Global Finals is pin trading. Not only do the kids put their minds into solving problems, they put their creativity into designing DI trading pins. The pin trading enhances the students experience by getting them to interact with other students from other parts of the world. These moments help them create life-long friends.

PinProsPlus has helped students take their out-of-the-box thinking and produce creative pins that they are proud to trade. Pin trading is often viewed as more important than the competition itself. Many teams attempt to design pins that go together as pin sets so that it increases the fun of collecting all the pins in a set. Many teams use popular trending themes as the core ideas, like hunger games, star wars, technology gadgets, etc. Some teams set out to create the pin that everyone wants.

Keys to making a pin successful is making it big, at least 2 inches, making it unique and different by adding glitter paint or cutouts, and making it after the most popular thing of the day. Regardless of what you design it is important to have something to trade as this is a major part of the overall experience.

PinProsPlus can help you through the entire process and give you pointers along the way.

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