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At PinProsPlus, we have created custom artist lapel pins in a variety of styles and sizes, celebrating both an artist and their work.

Appreciating and Supporting Artists, Museums and Opera Companies with Custom Lapel Pins!

We’ve all heard the expression “starving artist.” But starving or not, artists – whether painters, sculptors or any other person engaged in creating a work of art – and galleries or museums that exhibit their work are finding that a custom artist lapel pin is an effective way to show their appreciation of what an artist is trying to give to the world.

At PinProsPlus, we have created custom artist lapel pins in a variety of styles and sizes, celebrating both an artist and their work:

  • Custom lapel pins in honor of specific artists, some famous but many who still are unknown
  • Custom lapel pins celebrating specific works, especially sculptures but also paintings and drawings
  • Custom lapel pins to promote galleries and museums
  • Custom lapel pins to support opera companies and other performing arts organizations

Custom lapel pins can be made to look like fine jewelry, as a likeness of the artist or one of their works, even in the shape of a museum holding a special exhibition. One opera company ordered pins that looked like the great composer Verdi while another chose a clef for its pine.

Custom Lapel Pins for Artists

A custom artist, museum or opera lapel pin is an extension of how an artist in any field can express their view of the world as well as promote itself.

And because a custom art lapel pin costs as little as 60-cents depending on the size, style and quantity ordered, they are as economical as they are fun.

While an artist, composer, museum or arts organization often create the design of their own pin, we can help if you have an idea but may not know the details of what you want. Send us a rough drawing or sketch and our talented designers can take over from there, sending a concept to you within a day.

Bonus: At PinProsPlus, we provide everything you need to have a custom art pin including …

  • FREE professional design service
  • FAST proofs
  • FREE quote within one hour using our on-line quote form – and on the phone if you call
  • FREE set-up and digitizing the design
  • A 10-day production time*

The Entire Process is Smooth and Easy!

It has never been easier – or more economical – to have a customized art lapel pin to meet the needs of the artist, his or her supporters and fans, and staff members of a museum or gallery. Use our convenient online form or call one of our knowledgeable representatives at 1.866.345.7467.

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