30 Fun Enamel Pin Ideas

October 16, 2023

Enamel pins have left their mark in the fashion world today. While their impact and print may feel like its heaviest today, lapel pins have always been in the fashion market industry since yesteryears.

However, if you look back a few years, you will notice a significant difference in the way lapel pins were worn and the way they are worn today. For instance, in past fashion trends, enamel pins were to be taken seriously, and while they were a fashion statement, there were rules to wearing them.

In the traditional setting, you will find lapel pins were the occasional wear. It was something you could wear a few times every year.

This is very unlike today, where you will find all sorts of people wearing the enamel pins. Again, in the past, you could likely see someone wearing a lapel pin in weddings, prom nights, funerals, business meetings, and horse races, other special occasions. This is contrary to today, where you can find people with lapel pins even as they wear a casual outfit.

The other key difference between how the lapel pin was worn is the dress code. A lapel pin could only be worn with official attire in previous years - mostly with suit jackets, blazers, coats, or directly over the shirt or sweater. Today, however, there is no shortage of ways to wear a lapel. It is no longer a case of formality, but you can pretty much find an enamel pin that matches your dress code, no matter how informal or casual it is. There is an assortment of lapel pins, including funny lapel pins to wear on every occasion.

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What are the rules governing how to wear a lapel?

As you can tell from the above explanation, the rules and general societal guidelines governing how lapel pins are worn have significantly changed over the years. With that said, it is imperative to mention there is a courteous way to rock a lapel pin today, even funny enamel pins.

Essentially, this means you have to be mindful not to offend anyone who may uphold the traditional way of doing it. At the same time, the liberty in these guidelines allows you to be as free with your lapel pins as possible.

Generally, there is only one golden rule when it comes to wearing a lapel pin. This rule of thumb simply points out where you wear the enamel pin. Ideally, you should wear them where the buttonhole on your attire is. If you are wearing something that does not have a buttonhole, try and have the lapel pin as close to where the buttonhole should be. Do not be worried about pricking a small hole using the pin if there isn't one. In most cases, the pinhole should disappear when you do laundry or after a while from when you remove the pin.

To avoid having to prick a hole every time you want to wear a lapel, you just need to be more cautious and conservative when buying your next clothes. While pricking a hole in the clothes barely leaves a mark, if you do it on the same clothes time and again, there could be physical marks of the holes left behind.

What is the right way to wear a lapel?

As already established, there is a lot you can get away with today when wearing a lapel pin than you would several years back. Nonetheless, that doesn't mean there is no wrong way to wear a lapel. In fact, if you do get it wrong, there is a big chance your efforts to look more stylish will bear little to no fruit.

This, then, begs the question, what is the best and most acceptable way to wear an enamel pin? Well, a lapel pin is an accessory like any other. That means the same rules you would follow with cufflinks, pocket squares, and tie pins apply to enamel pins.

Being able to pull off a lapel pin could leave you looking sophisticated and classy. All this while completing and complementing your look.

One key factor to remember is just like any other accessory; a lapel pin can be shared with other accessories. As a result, pairing them the right way is key to pulling off the look and getting the intended outcome.

There are various kinds of enamel pins available in the market today. This can be viewed both as a blessing or a curse. The blessing is you have so much to choose from. You can get an idea and almost be sure to find a matching lapel. However, the flip side is also true; from the mass availability of lapel pins, it is so easy to get a choice wrong and end up ruining the look.

The latter statement is not to mean if it doesn't match; you've got it wrong. On the contrary, as seen in the segue below, there are more funny lapel pin ideas than you can choose from.

Perhaps the only other thing to remember when wearing a lapel pin is the function you're attending. If you are going to something like a state burial or something of equal significance and importance, you will notice most people have party enamel pins or ones with the country flag.

On the other hand, if you are going to hang out with your friends, you can wear casual lapel pins that will help your dressing choices and make you a little more noticeable. In this case, you can even wear a lapel pin of an electric guitar.

Basically, for formal and serious events and opportunities, you should conform to the event's rules. If you are uncertain, you can try and read the mood and dress code of the event. You don't want to show up with an out of place lapel and have to suffer through everyone's scornful eyes at the event.

For social and informal events, you can exercise your freedom. However, trying to ascertain the enamel pin you have does not hurt anyone or go against the beliefs of someone attending the same event.

Funny Lapel Pin Ideas

Much of the information above shows the progress enamel pins have had over the years. You can now have different lapel pins for varying occasions. The best part is they can be as serious or as funny, clever, and witty as you would like them to be.

Here are a few funny, clever or witty enamel pin ideas for you to try out sometime. Depending on the crowd and the way you wear them, these ideas could end up getting you a good laugh, or you just might win the de facto smartest person in the room from your clever idea. Who knows, you just might be wearing the next fashion trend.

1. The tropical set of enamel pins

Winter and the cold times have most people moving from fashionable wear to a warmer and pragmatic look. But, who said you can still have fun and look good while at it?

This set of enamel pins are the perfect idea to warm up any room. Furthermore, they are among the first things you notice, since most people are in dull colors during cold months. This means besides being stylish, this set of lapel pins can also serve as a conversation starter.

2. A little kitty enamel pin

There is a reason why cat videos are some of the most-watched on most video streaming and sharing platforms. Cats, in themselves, are cute and kittens up this up factor severely.

This can be simply translated to mean a little kitten's lapel pin will get you all the attention when you get into a room. Besides being a conversation starter, they also depict you as a warm and hospitable person who loves and cares for others.

3. A Jurassic part lapel pin

There are a lot of beloved movies out there. Perhaps, at this point, it boils down to the specifics and personal preferences. Nonetheless, most people are familiar with the Jurassic Park movie franchise.

This enamel pin is a great conversation starter, especially if you will be around movie buffs or people who know their way around pop culture. You may even get someone with little knowledge about the movie franchise asking you about the lapel pin.

4. The greatest meme enamel pin

Everyone has their take on what is the greatest meme. Not everyone will agree with you, and everyone will likely have their own meme as the greatest.

But, what if you had a lapel pin with your take on the greatest meme? This is a great way to make new friends as people will pull closer, trying to see the meme. They will then either agree or disagree with you, which is a great way to get a conversation going.

5. A Netflix and Chill lapel pin

Netflix is arguably one of the most popular video streaming services. If you have a Netflix lapel pin, almost anyone will identify what it is.

This is also a great way to start a conversation, and in most cases, it will be people from your own tribe, which consequently leads to strong and lasting bonds.

6. A SpongeBob Enamel Pin

SpongeBob is one of those timeless shows that probably shaped your childhood. Having a SpongeBob lapel pin will have you standing out in front of any crowd.

Additionally, since this is one of the most recognizable animations, you likely won't lack to make a few friends at the very least.

7. A cheese lapel pin

What stems you to this generation is not the love for cheesy food? Beyond sharing a tasty meal, you can also have a cheesy enamel pin. The shape and make of cheese, especially in drawing, is largely recognized. This will make it easier for anyone to recognize it. Additionally, with such an enamel pin, you will likely attract many food lovers, and if you both work up an appetite, you could always share a cheesy meal together.

8. A Tom and Jerry Enamel Pin

Are you about to attend a school reunion or meet up with your childhood friends? How about you go with Tom and Jerry's lapel? Most people grew up watching Tom and Jerry, and this could be a great way to break the ice and reminisce on old memories. Moreover, these are friendly cartoon characters, and since they have a wide appeal, you can use the lapel pin even as you go to see small kids.

9. A Mr. Bean lapel pin

Arguably one of the smartest and funniest people on Earth is Mr. Bean's character. Regardless of where you end up, you will likely have the lapel pin recognized.

It is not uncommon to see people approach you and try to make funny facial expressions and gestures popularized by Mr. Bean. If you do happen to wear this, be ready to have people in your way severally.

10. A mountain enamel pin

If you are a motivational speaker or something along the line, this could be a great idea for an enamel pin. The mountain on the lapel pin could be used as several life lessons while acting as a constant reminder of the motivation to move mountainous obstacles around you. This is a great enamel design, and while not everyone will get it, it will be a clever laugh for those who do.

11. A presidential lapel pin

Politics is one of those topics you want to stay away from. This is mainly because almost everyone has a firm stance on their political affiliations and opinions.

While you may have a funny take on a presidential lapel pin, someone else could end up taking offense. The best way to keep this from happening is by knowing your audience. If you know the kind of people you are going to meet, you can judge if they'll take it as funny or witty or as offensive and inappropriate.

12. The cat astronaut enamel pin

Cats are so adorable that they make it on the list again. This time, as a cat astronaut lapel pin. The adorable cat enamel pin will get love from your friends and others as well. This particular pin can also depict you as someone outgoing, a little adventurous, and, most important, you have a genuine and heartfelt care for animals. This kind of combination will be sure to get you noticed as you walk on the streets.

13. Funny animal lapel pins

Not everything needs to be specific. Sometimes, you can just opt to get a funny depiction of an animal. For example, you could have an enamel pin of a llama. Basically, this will not only get you noticed by others, but it's also a great conversation starter.

Everyone will want to know and understand why you have a lapel pin of a llama. As with cats' stories, this lapel will have you looking like the most animal-friendly and conscious people on the planet.

14. An enamel pin similar to a pair of socks

Who would ever anticipate seeing you walking around in a lapel looking like a pair of funky socks? The truth is, this is such a unique look that you may actually start a new trend.

15. An enamel pin written the name of your friends

As you know, you can get a customized set of enamel pins. As a joke -and to an extent, a sense of appreciation, you can have a lapel with one of your friends' names.

This is especially impactful in a group of friends. The beauty of this lapel is you can have fun with it and still maintain its sentimental value. Just watch out, if you have many friends, the joke might turn on you as you start making new lapel pins for all your friends.

16. A cutlery lapel pin

Are you about to attend a social event with food, you can laugh by having an enamel pin with the depiction of cutlery items. It's a funny way to make a memorable impression on other people in the vent. At the same time, if you do follow the guidelines listed above, you can also make a fashion statement with your whole attire. Just remember to pair everything the right way.

17. A clothing enamel pin

Cleaning enamel pins are both useful when you are having intercourse e when you have a lapel shaped like your favorite fruits.

Such enamel pins will help you create a rapport with most people.

18. A skull enamel pin

While people may not necessarily have the same friends or interests. You can almost be sure that some prisoners did not know which way you went upon release or had little no impact on you.

The skull is also a popular sign, and even in the streets, you could have people stopping you for a photo and question.

19. Origami lapel pins

When thinking out of the box, you can leap by trying origami enamel pins. They can be worn to both social and formal events as there is a message associated with the enamels and attires worn.

Once again, when wearing an Origami, remember to ensure that no one gets hurt and that it is all done in good fun, and not to oppress anyone.

20. A handcuff's lapel pin

In the face of current events and the civil unrest, this is a great idea for a lapel pin as it combines art with current affairs. While another brilliant idea, you should be careful that having the enamel is perceived as support and not mockery.

This means you have to know when and how to wear such a lapel pin. If you find yourself in doubt, it is better to air on the side of caution. As with most of these other enamel pin ideas that could land you in trouble, the first thing is always to make sure you are safe. If you see something going down and have friends in the area, it is only right for you to reach out to help them.

Some of the other ideas you can have when wearing your lapel pin include;

21. A pair of honest pins

You can give one to your friend, and with the beauty of customization, only you two can tell what it really means.

22. Tech enamel pins

Technology has had a similar impact on the world as lapel pins have had to the fashion industry. The beauty with tech enamel pins is there's a lot of funny ideas you can build around.

For instance, you can focus on old tech or future tech and have the enamel pin cover the specific area. You can also use specific items, and if you're headed to a tech meeting, the lapel pin will help you make a fashion statement and possibly win you a few friends, too.

23. Enamel Pins made of dog pictures

While cats have been covered above several, the dog is a man's best friend. You have lapel pins of your dog making funny expressions.

24. Lapel pins of birds

Birds are some of the wild animals you can have a lapel easily made to look like. They are a unique design and will earn you favor amongst other bird watchers and similar enthusiasts.

25. An iced coffee lapel pin

Everyone likes coffee, and some like it more than most. You can take a crack at this by having an enamel pin fashioned like a coffee cup, which is both attention-worthy and fashionable

26. A vintage arcade machine lapel pin

Video and arcade games are a big defining feature in this generation. If you decide to make funny lapel ideas, this one can be used in almost any social situation.

27. A Joker enamel pin

The Joker is arguably one of the most recognized comic book characters today. Ideally, he is not meant to have a funny outlook in life, but he has come to be known as quite the character. Having an enamel pin made with the joker's idea will definitely get you a few admirable looks.

28. Busy as a bee enamel pin

Trying to make a bold statement that you are actually a hardworking and productive member of society? Perhaps a fun take on a bee lapel pin is what you've been looking for.

29. Medical lapel pin

Sometimes, the work of humor is to reflect on the society as a whole and the general direction things have taken. This would be a great lapel idea to show the efficiency and overreliance most people have to drugs and other permitted substances.

30. A tech enamel pin

Living in a tech-savvy world, you can also have an enamel pin that pokes at the over reliance to modern technology. This is one of those pieces that tell more than one story, and while it can be seen as funny, it also serves as a reminder of where society is headed.

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