5 Ways to use Custom Pins in Sponsorships

October 16, 2023

‍According to Blackbaud's "State of Giving" survey, companies with a cause have 58% more brand awareness than their non-cause-related counterparts.

Custom pins can help you spread the word about your organization by increasing visibility at events and activities. Custom pins can be imprinted with your logo, mission, website, and contact information, encouraging passersby to learn more and connect with your nonprofit.

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‍Increase visibility and brand awareness

For sponsorships to be effective, they must be promoted somehow. Pins can be used as a giveaway at events, or team members or volunteers can wear them. The sponsor's logo will end up on hundreds of t-shirts and lapels, increasing their exposure and getting their name out there. When worn by staff, volunteers, and donors, Pins can be instantly recognized at events or promotions. They make an impact in the community and increase your organization's visibility.

Thank donors

Donors are critical to the fundraising process, which is why it's important to establish an ongoing relationship with them. Custom pins are a great way to give back and show appreciation for those who donate to your organization. Pins can feature your donor's name or favorite quote, or they can simply say "thank you" in a fun way that makes them feel special.

Donors may not always expect to be thanked, but it's a great way to show appreciation when they donate time or money. But promotional pin designs like "I gave blood today" or "I donated today" are a popular way to recognize their generosity and motivate them to give even more. Our past clients have the numbers to show for it.


Custom pins can be used for identification at sponsorship events. They are small enough to carry around and are easily recognizable from a distance. A second benefit of wearing custom pins is that they allow people to identify each other as part of the same group. People with similar interests can meet each other and form relationships by having a simple conversation about the pin.

Having the right custom pins can mean the difference between a successful sponsorship event and a failure. There are many ways that these items can be used to make an event memorable, and they are also useful for identification purposes. In fact, it is possible to use these products in virtually any way you wish as long as you have the imagination to do it.

Conversation starters

A conversation starter is an icebreaker that allows people to introduce themselves and discuss common interests. It might be as simple as wearing a hat with your favorite sports team logo or having a bumper sticker that says, "My kid plays for..." Custom pins are great conversation starters at sponsorship events.

Pins that represent a cause will get people to start talking and keep the conversation going - many times; people will ask what the pin is for, where they can get one, etc., which is a great opportunity to promote your cause.

Raise funds

Companies have been using custom pins for many years to help raise money for charity and other causes. One of the most famous examples is cancer foundations which use pink ribbon pins to raise awareness and money for breast cancer awareness. People wear these pins on their lapels as a sign of support for those who suffer from this disease.

The custom pins are a great alternative to the traditional sponsorship plaque because they are lightweight and easy to transport. You can get your sponsors' logos printed on pins and give them out as awards at an event. Your sponsors will appreciate receiving your custom pins, and you can rest easy knowing that they had a great time at your event.

If you want your sponsorships to be successful, there are many ways that you can use custom pins in your campaigns. Whether it's enhancing visibility and brand awareness of the event, identifying donors at the event, using pins as conversation starters, you can maximize your sponsorship and make an impression on attendees.

You will want to consider what exactly you need from your custom pins to make them successful at your next event. For example, if your main goal is identification purposes, you will want to choose something very simple.

However, if you plan to use them as gifts, they can be more creative and expressive than anything else. Some companies even allow customers to choose which type of pin they want, so this may be something that you can incorporate into your own design if it fits in with your overall theme.

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