5 Ways to Use Custom Pins to Motivate People

October 16, 2023

‍At some point in our lives, we have been given a pin. It was probably when we earned our first honor, like getting the most hits in an inning or winning.

Another place you may have gotten a pin is at a company that gave you one for good customer service. Regardless of how you got your pin, you were excited. You were proud to display what people thought of your hard work. There is no better way to motivate people than with personalized pins that reflect who they are.

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‍Hand out as a free gift

The free gift is an under-utilized marketing tool for motivating customers. Sending someone a pin with no strings attached is one way to promote your brand and create goodwill. For example, if you run a rental company, you might send a pin to the customer saying thanks for choosing your company to rent from.

Everyone loves getting something for free. Custom pins are great for handing out at trade shows, conferences, and events. They make good swag that people will keep and wear for years to come. The more you can tie the pin to your brand, the better too!

Send a pin as a thank you in the mail.

A gift for small gestures goes a long way. If someone does something nice for you, say thanks by sending them a custom pin with your branding on it. They'll appreciate the gesture and remember your brand every time they see it.

If a team member helps you with a project, brings in donuts, or completes an important task, tell them how much you appreciate it with a Custom Pin.

PinProsPlus custom pins are pretty small and light, so they're easy to send through the mail. That makes them a great way to show gratitude after purchase or as a thank you for filling out a survey or entering a contest. If you want to give your customers something special but don't want to spend too much, our thank you custom pins can be the perfect solution.

Recognize years of service

Custom pins are a fun way to recognize hard work and dedication within your organization. You can give them out to employees or customers who have been with you for various lengths of time or had major accomplishments. You can even create pins that recognize the length of services like silver, gold, and platinum pins. Make sure to create new designs each year, so people want to collect them all!

You can choose to reward employees who have been working at your organization for 5 or 10 years with a custom pin that they can wear on their lapel or lanyard at work.

Make pins collectable within your organization.

Do you remember collecting stickers when you were a kid? That same urge to collect can motivate employees and customers alike. If multiple pins are available in your organization, they will likely become collectible items - especially if they are only available for specific achievements or periods!

Many companies have created their own "pin club," with pins that are only available within the company - and perhaps not at all open to the public. Pin clubs are great ways to motivate people who like to collect things and want to be rewarded for their efforts. They are also an excellent way to create camaraderie among staff members or give them a sense of belonging in the organization. The best part - pins are inexpensive enough that they won't break your budget!

Give people a lanyard and a pin.

Custom Pins are great motivational tools because they allow people to show off their accomplishments. PinProsPlus conducted a survey that found that people who wore a lanyard and pin around their neck felt more important and made better decisions.

When given a lanyard, employees can then place a pin on it for every task completed. For example, if someone wants a shirt for completing what you have set up, have them complete the tasks first, then give them a pin showing they have accomplished the goal. This makes people feel like they are getting somewhere closer to their end prize!

A foolproof way to motivate people is to give them a customized pin. Personalized pins can be made in several shapes, like round or square, and they are the perfect unique gift. In addition, the pins can be made from different materials, such as metal or ceramic.

Suppose you are looking to have some custom lapel pins created and delivered for you, no matter for what purpose, whether it's for your company or an event where you want to get people excited about a particular cause or issue. In that case, PinProsPlus is the company to work with. Call us at (801) 544-1005 to place your order.

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