Are Enamel Pins Magnetic? Here's The Truth

October 16, 2023

Are enamel pins magnetic? Here is the truth, enamel pins can be attached using a magnetic clasp or traditional clasp. Each of these has its own appeal and demerits, of course.

Lapel pins with traditional clasp backing look great. These can easily match any clothing and accessories, even the edgiest fashion pieces. Traditional clasp styles include Screw & Nut Stick Pins, Safety Pins, and Butterfly Catch.

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1. Stick Pins

A stickpin has a long thin needle with a collar, and the needle is capped with some decorations. The pin is secured or released by sliding a collar up and down the needle.

2. Safety Pins

Safety pins are also known as Safety clutches. In these designs, the pin features a needle stuck through the jacket, then hooked or clasped to lock the pin in place.

3. Butterfly Clutch

With the butterfly catch clasp design, the needle is stuck into the fabric, and a butterfly clutch is used to secure it into position. To release the pin,

simply squeeze and pull up the butterfly clutch from the prong.

The Butterfly clutch back side is the most popular way to attach a lapel pin. It is also known as the military clutch. These types of clutches may be metallic, plastic, or rubber.

4. Screw and Nut

The Claps has a threaded prong that is pushed into the jacket buttonhole or fabric and then secured in place using a nut on its back-end.

5. Jewelry Clutch

This is also called a tie tack. The pin is secured in place when the clutch covers the prong and locks into place. It is a simple yet elegant design.


Traditional pin design clasps are lovely and suitable for any clothing and accessory. Their biggest advantage is their weight. These pins are very light that you would never even feel them on until it's time to take the jacket or shirt off and remember that you put them on earlier.

However, with all that sticking and pushing of the needle, certain fabrics are likely to be left with a tiny hole. And that is the biggest disadvantage of lapels with traditional clasp backing.

For example, lightweight fabrics, silk, satins, and other fine and sheer materials don't fare well with traditional lapel pins. The damage is going to be clearly visible where the postback pin gets attached.

It is always a wise step to try out traditional pins in some inconspicuous place before wearing them just to see if the pin that is supposed to show your sense of pride and solidarity in a cause is kinder and gentler on your favorite jacket or shirt. And of course, you are always going to have the magnetic clasp option.

6. The magnetic clasp

The magnetic clasp option is a very simple yet great pin clasp design, and it can be elegant too. Here, magnets are used to secure the pin to the jacket's lapel without the need to push any needles into the fabric like in traditional pin clasps.

Two magnets are used. One is placed on the pin, and the other is a stud that secures the pin to the jacket lapel, and that's it. Very easy, isn't it? Magnetic pins are very convenient. They make it easy to show your patriotism or solidarity with a cause without sacrificing your favorite jacket or fabric. Pins can also be worn just to accentuate a piece of clothing. They can also show a sense of belonging, designation, or achievement.


Double magnetic pins can be a bit heavier though, unlike the lightweight traditional pin clasps, you are going to feel the weight a bit. Still, this pin clasp style is the best option for those thick denim and leather jackets.

You can also just go for single magnetic pins in case your fabric is lighter. These lovely lightweight designs are very suitable for delicate pieces of fabric like silk, cotton, and sheer materials.

Custom Magnet Enamel Pins

Are you looking for some custom magnetic enamel pins? Start today with our unique designs. From Awareness ribbons to promotional buttons and the American flags, magnetic backing offers a quick and easier fastening solution without having to pierce your precious garments. If you also want a more classic style, we can apply a magnetic backing to these too. The choice is yours.

- Get a bit playful with the design.

Who said pins have to be one dimensional? Just tell us what you want and be fancy a little bit because we can totally make it happen. Pin-on-pin design, for example, rivets one pin on top of another to create a 3D appearance. We can also add some cool pieces such as tiny stuffed animals for fun.

- Celebrate your favorite sport

For the love of the game, let everyone know which athletic and sporting events play a critical role in your life by wearing a sports pin. Custom pins can range from football, baseball, basketball to swimming, etc., and you can customize it to reflect your team's spirit and personality. These pins can be used to bring people together in support of the team.

- Get socially active

You can use pins to show your political cause. Just pin the badges on your jacket or shirt and start conversations. You can also get pins for your sexuality, to celebrate the milestones we've achieved, just a rainbow flag design for use during LGBTQIA events.

Whatever you have in mind, we can make it happen. Magnetic lapel pins come in a variety of themes, designs, and materials. Custom pins have a unique advantage over other pin design and especially if they come with a magnetic backing, that's brilliant.

Custom magnetic pins can also be the perfect gift for your friends, family, or employees. If you want to get into the world of custom magnetic pins, get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you.

Whether it is a Hard Enamel, Photo Dome, Die Struck, or the Diecast type of pin, we can attach a magnetic backing for a convenient fastening solution that doesn't require you to pierce your favorite jacket or shirt. Get a free quote today on your custom magnetic pin.

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