Marking Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a Custom Lapel Pin

October 16, 2023

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. While all cancers are horrible ailments, nothing may be more frightening to a woman and her family than to be told by her doctor that she has breast cancer. While recovery and survival rates are at an all-time high, treatment can be debilitating, exhausting and a life-altering experience that might last for months.According to cancer organizations, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every 10 minutes.Part of many Breast Cancer Awareness programs includes a “pink ribbon custom lapel pin.” Here at PinProsPlus, we are proud to work with patients, survivors, clinicians, hospitals and organizations, all over North America that are committed to raising money for breast cancer research, promoting early detection, supporting the men, women and children impacted by breast cancer, and honoring the memory of those who lost their lives.Custom breast cancer awareness pins range from the very simple with just a pink ribbon on a small lapel pin to more elaborate sizes, shapes and designs such as one done in the shape of a mammogram machine with the name of a cancer research hospital and the iconic pink ribbon on it.Sometimes, a lapel pin is handed out to people on the street. Other situations involve providing a pin to people who donate during the month. Some groups give them to people taking part in a walk or run, and to the generous individuals and businesses than sponsor them by pledging money. Frequently, breast cancer survivor support groups provide them to participants and their families.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Pins Start Conversations

One of the great things about a lapel pin is that it can serve as a conversation starter.For breast cancer, a custom lapel pin from PinProsPlus is a way to remind people of the importance of early detection and treatment. Or, it can say “I’m helping. Will you join the fight?” It’s said that sunlight is the best disinfectant so shedding light on research, detection, treatment and survival rates when the cancer is found soon enough can only help to raise awareness during the month.For example, several years ago a cancer group ordered custom lapel pins that urged people to “Talk About Breast Cancer!” over the pink ribbon. They were handed out during a fund-raising event as well as to hospital patients and their families.While this customer had a design in mind, other groups only had a rough idea of what they wanted their pin to say and look like. They turned to our creative design team for help.Not only are pins a great conversation starter and terrific fund-raiser, they are an extremely economical tool to promote this cause or any other. Depending on the size, style and quantity ordered, they cost as little as 60-cents each.Everything is included with the price of the pin:

  • FREE professional design service
  • FAST proofs
  • FREE quote within one hour using our on-line quote form – and on the phone if you call
  • FREE set-up and digitizing the design
  • A 15-day production time turnaround on all orders
  • FREE UPS ground shipping in the United States

In most cases, your order will be shipped to you in 10 business days.

Fighting Cancer, Sharing Experiences

A custom Breast Cancer Awareness lapel pin can remind people to become active and generous in helping to fight a terrible medical issue. By sharing a pin, you’ll be sharing your experience as a victim, a survivor, a family member, as part of a medical team or researcher.If you are involved in any sort of activity that’s part of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we‘d be honored to help you come up with a design that is perfect for your needs, goals and budget. Use our convenient online form or call one of our knowledgeable and helpful representatives toll-free at (801) 544-1005.Want more information about Lapel Pins? Here are more related posts:

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