Breast Cancer Awareness - Only The "Breast" Pins

October 16, 2023

Building awareness of a cause is paramount to providing support to people who are effected by it.

October is breast cancer awareness month, and every year it’s a very important time for PinProsPlus.

Displaying the very recognizable pink ribbon is perhaps the most popular way of contributing to building awareness of breast cancer.

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What's the best way to build breast cancer awareness?

Every year, companies, organizations, nonprofits, and even individuals like to design their own unique pin that speaks to them - and others - to contribute to building awareness.Supporting loved ones on the tough road they travel when dealing with breast cancer is extremely important to helping them heal and deal with the path life takes them.Being there, being supportive, and showing them you care means more than anyone could ever know.If you feel that custom breast cancer awareness pins is something that could help you or your company increase awareness, give us a call.We'll help you create only the "breast" pins that are meaningful to you and your loved ones. Get a free quote here or give us a call at (801) 544-1005 to get started.

Awareness is great, but why not just fix the root cause?

Unfortunately at the time of writing this, there is no absolute cure for breast cancer. However, early stage and early diagnosis can be cured in most women.This is why awareness is so important. As more women have the knowledge they need, the more they will actively seek help to ensure they do not have breast cancer. This will lead to more women catching it in the early stages - when there is a much higher chance of winning the fight.According to the American Cancer Society, women who are diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer have a survival rate of 95-100%. Stage 2 drops to 90-100%, and stage 3 drops to 66-98%.

Custom pins help build support

Emotional support can be lifted up through multiple avenues. One popular choice are custom enamel pins, such as a simple pink ribbon pin. These pins are a simple reminder to our loved ones that we are thinking of them. That they are in our hearts and we support them through their journey.Sometimes that's all we need - to know there are people around us who are willing to help.To get started with custom pins, request a free quote online.

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