5 Reasons Your Business Needs Custom Corporate Lapel Pins

October 16, 2023

Not too many years ago, corporations scoffed at the idea of using a custom lapel pin for anything other than a new product introduction or perhaps as a long-time service recognition device.But just as today’s workplace and employees have changed dramatically, so has the need and use for corporate lapel pins. Today, a custom lapel pin can help a business in many different ways. If it has never occurred to you to use a pin, here are five ways your business can benefit from employing a custom lapel pin.

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1 – Corporate Lapel Pins Build Brand and Name Recognition

Many companies include the name of the firm or its logo on a corporate lapel pin. Because many private schools have used them for years as an insignia, in today’s world a subtle lapel pin contributes to business attire – especially when “business casual” is part of the culture and dress code. In effect, they become walking billboards causing people in the community to associate the business with an upscale yet approachable image.

2 – Use as a Promotional Item

A business lapel pin designed for you can be handed out as an outstanding promotional item. While many businesses think of handing them out at stores when a new product is introduced, they can also be used to display corporate support for a high school team or an important charitable cause. For instance, we produce pins for the Kentucky Derby Foundation which gives them to sponsors to hand out to their customers. Businesses can think about providing a custom lapel pin to valued customers or a corporate partner or collaborator. They can generate a lot of public interest and make wonderful gifts, as well.

3 – Indirectly Advertise Your Name

By encouraging customers and employees to wear your custom lapel pin, you remind the community that you are there, you employ local residents and you are part of the area’s culture. Whenever somebody wears your pin, more people will see your company name and logo. A beautiful lapel pin draws attention of prospective customers and employees to the firm without having to run ads.

4 – Help Coworkers Identify Each Other

In medium- and large-sized businesses, employees will have an easier time recognizing each other at social events or business meetings where everyone seems to be wearing a lapel pin. It is especially helpful for people who work at different locations to spot each other and become better acquainted. Thus, a corporate lapel pin may help foster a sense of togetherness in a company with many different locations.

5 – Boost Employee Morale

When a group of workers or even an entire department has done a remarkable job of meeting a target or introducing a new, more efficient process, a custom corporate lapel pin is an amazing way to bestow recognition and to bolster a sense of team work. It’s saying to them and everybody else in the organization, “Congratulations for a job well done!” Many employees appreciate the opportunity to show off not just their affiliation with the company but that they are contributing to its growth, development and profitability.

Corporate Lapel Pins are an Important Business Tool

More and more businesses are finding that a custom lapel pin helps build name recognition, boost customer loyalty and enhance worker morale. They allow current and new employees the ability to spot co-workers at major conferences and important social functions.Just as important, they make a great gift for suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and customers. This is why a growing number of savvy business leaders are finding ways to use custom corporate lapel pins in their organizations.

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