Can You Wear Enamel Pins On A Plane?

October 16, 2023

For some people, traveling by flight can sometimes prove to be a harrowing experience. The airport and, more especially, airport security can sometimes get to your nerves, and most people's experiences are, more often than not, complete nightmares. We're here to make the process easier.

At some point, some of us found ourselves in long queues at the airport that made us wait in line for long, excruciating hours. Or you've probably found out in some instances, through airport security no less, that you packed prohibited items by mistake adding, not only to your anguish but also to others waiting in line behind you.

And now you may be asking yourself, "Can I really go through airport security with my enamel pins? Is it even safe for me or other passengers? Can it affect the flight in any way?"

Questions like this are the reason why we wrote this article, especially for you Enamel pin lovers. At PinProsPlus, we did a little research and got some information on what you need to know about enamel pins and what you should do with them when you're in the airport to ensure a quick worry-free flight but first;

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You can wear enamel pins on a plane, and you can take them through airport security checkpoints. Whether you decide to wear the enamel pins or not, however, depends on some conditions such as the amount of metal in your enamel pins, how many enamel pins you have on, or with you and several other things which we are going to discuss below.

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What to do at airport security if I have enamel pins or any other jewelry

First time?

If this is your first time traveling by air, it can be daunting, especially if you are traveling by yourself. Airport security is the toughest part of air travel, but if you master these simple guidelines, everything will automatically become more comfortable, and things will fall right into place. So, let's get right into it.

How do you prepare yourself?

It would help if you prepared yourself beforehand by removing any metals that could trigger an alarm from your person and placing them in a tray or a carry-on. The officials then roll the items in the bin through the x-ray scanner, where the security officer checks them to determine whether they are dangerous to the flight. You should take off your enamel pins and place them on the tray alongside the other items to avoid any delays that might happen just-in-case the enamel pins trigger an alarm from the metal detector.

You should probably do this beforehand because your enamel pin, if made of a lot of metal, might trigger the full-body metal detector, resulting in a beep every time you pass through, which may slightly delay you, and other passengers.

Do a simple assessment of your clothes and luggage before going to the airport. This assessment ensures that nothing you have in your luggage or on your person will cause you trouble at the airport. Wear as little metal as possible.

How many Enamel pins do you plan to take with you?

The number of pins you have may also factor in how long it will take you to go through airport security. If you have a lot of pins on your person, for instance, it means that you probably have to take them out before going through airport security, and that will not be a perfect date. Haha? No? Anyway, it all depends on their metal content and where you've stuck them.

If you have them on a coat, for instance, it will be as simple as taking it off and putting it on the tray along with the belt, but if you have a lot of them on your shirt and they happen to trip the metal detector, then you're in for a very long day. So, you should be careful and plan.

The best bet is for you to remove them all beforehand and put them all in a carry-on safe, maybe, a few manageable pieces that you can keep on your person.

If you have a business and have bought some enamel lapel pins to sell back to your clients, you'd probably be better checking them off as luggage that the airport employees store in the hold for more accessible transportation. Checking off the luggage will significantly reduce the hustle compared to if you'd go directly through the airport security checkpoint with your suitcase full of enamel pins.

What about the enamel pin's sharp end? Does it make it less safe to wear on a plane?

The TSA is not mainly about enamel pins, but it has a general rule about sharp things. The pointed part should not be longer than 6 cm. If they are in a checked bag, then they should be sheathed to shield their employees from harm as they handle the packets. The enamel pin's sharper side is shorter than six centimeters, and it has a stopper. Unlike an icepick, the enamel pin is not so dangerous, and TSA guidelines can classify them as jewelry.

So, aside from, maybe, causing a minor inconvenience at the metal detector, it's not going to be a big deal to airport security. It's probably safe to say that wearing it on a plane will not make the flight any less safe.


Dress comfortably

If you are going on a flight and are sure it's going to take more than a few hours, the best favor you could ever do yourself is to dress comfortably. Wear simple outfits complimented with jewelry that will not cause you any headaches when you are going through security checkpoints at the airport. Wearing a few jewels will make the process easier for you if you are asked by security to remove some of them during the inspection.

Your comfort should also be your safety, which will, in turn, ensure the safety of other passengers in your plane. You could avoid many enamel pins because they may represent some risk in case of any minor accident on the flight.

Wear as little metal as possible

You should wear clothing with little metallic embellishment and tuck metallic jewelry pieces in your carry-on before going through the airport security checkpoint. It would be best to put any change, keys, and other metallic objects such as enamel lapel pins in the tray before going through the metal detector. If you have any piercings, you should either remove them beforehand or be ready for a pat-down.

Check with the airline

TSA guidelines are not very specific about enamel or lapel pins. It would probably be better to check with the airline, just as a precaution, regarding their rules on enamel pins before going to the airport for your flight. Be sure to explain their size and shape, and have a stopper for their sharp point if the operator is unaware of what lapel pins are. I'm sure, though, this is not a huge deal, and most airlines don't fuss about it, but sometimes it's better to be safe than sorry.


You can go through the airline security checkpoint with a coat covered in pins but don't even think of doing the same with a shampoo bottle. While I'm sure the airlines have their reasons regarding the quantity of liquid one can carry into the plane's passenger compartments, most airlines are not very strict on jewelry.

The general rule of thumb is that if they trigger the metal detector, they'll have to pass through the x-ray machine, and it is no big deal if you are patient enough. They can only be a minor inconvenience for you if you decide to wear them, depending on the airline.

Enamel pins are not and should not be in the same category as dangerous weapons. One tweep says, "If you can take over the plane with an enamel pin, then you probably deserve the plane." And this statement alone can be used to summarize the whole topic. It would help if you were concerned about general safety when wearing enamel pins. Ensure that you use a stopper when wearing them to avoid any minor accidents, avoiding them when going through the airport, or taking any other precautions to ensure that you have a smooth boarding process.

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