Celebrating the Holiday Season with Custom Lapel Pins

October 16, 2023

Whether somebody celebrates Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, the winter solstice or only thinks of the holidays as a time to be with family and friends, organizations as different as businesses, charities, religious groups, even organizers and sponsors of midwinter athletic tournaments find ways to extend best wishes of the season by using a holiday lapel pin.Over the years, we’ve been amazed at how many different types of pins get ordered. We have made pins that are in the shape of wreaths, candy canes, a burning yule log, snowflakes and – naturally – Santa.One customer went all out and had LED lights put on their pins that were in the shape of a tree along with a greeting and the company name. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, not only did store clerks wear them but they handed out hundreds at their toy shops to adults and children alike. Every time somebody was handed the pin, their face lit up just like the tree regardless of their age.

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Branding While Saying Merry, Happy and Thanks!

Besides being fun, a holiday lapel pin becomes a way to extend greetings while reinforcing a brand than thanking employees, customers and suppliers for their support during the way.One company in the hotel business opted for a pin that said “You’re at our home for the holidays.”A health club chain gave pins to all of the employees with “Happy holidays Stay healthy!” over their logo.We have a customer in the pain reliever business that gave drug store clerks holiday pins to wear at work with practical advice “Think of us the morning after.”To support its seasonal donation drive, a food bank gave away pins that said “The hungry thank you” when people donated food or money.A large church decided on pins with a Christmas message of peace that were given to parishioners every Sunday in December.The customers could dream it and we could make it!

Thoughtful and Economical

A custom holiday lapel pin is a nice, low-key way to thank people for their support during the year by sending seasons greetings. But unlike a lot of things organizations may hand out, a custom lapel pin is extremely economical. Depending on the style, size and quantity ordered, a holiday lapel pin costs as little as 60-cents each.Unlike many children’s toys where “batteries not included” seems standard, at PinProsPlus EVERYTHING is included:

  • FREE quote within one hour using our on-line quote form – and while you’re on the phone if you call
  • FREE professional design service
  • FREE proofs very FAST
  • FREE revisions whether it’s your design or our concept
  • FREE set-up
  • FREE UPS ground shipping in the continental United States
  • Fast 10-15 day turnaround on all orders

You won’t have any reason to say “bah. Humbug” when you order from PinProsPlus!There are endless ways to wish people the best of the season with a custom holiday pin. Whether you have a specific design in mind or just a vague idea of what you’d like on your pin, please call us at (801) 544-1005. We’ll be delighted to work with you to come up with the perfect holiday pin for your business, organization or event.Want more information about Lapel Pins? Here are more related posts:

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