Chronic Migraine Awareness Pins

March 4, 2024

Chronic migraine awareness pins are something you may never have heard about.  

I’m certain most everyone has had a headache at some point in their life.

It may have been long lasting or just a brief annoyance but regardless of level it was not fun.  

Lucky for me I have been in the brief annoyance category.

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My first experience with someone with long lasting or debilitating pain was watching my mother in law.

She would have such pain that she would have to crawl into bed, close all the windows, turn off all the lights, have zero noise and hope she fell asleep to get rid of the pain.

Luckily hers is not a daily occurrence but it happened enough that she has sought out solutions to the problem.  

Unfortunately, she has never been able to find a clear answer or solution.

Recently I noticed a significant trend on our Pinterest page.

Of all the pins we have posted the most common pin or repin is the Chronic Migraine awareness ribbon pin.  

I was intrigued by this volume of activity.

Honestly I had never really heard much about this particular disease, unlike breast cancer or other cancers that seem to receive much more attention.

With a simple search on the internet I found a website which focused exclusively on Chronic Migraines.

Based on looking over the website here are a couple things I learned.

  • Instead of migraines every so often, people who suffer with migraines live half of their time with a headache – that is 15 days a month with a headache.
  • Headaches last at least 4 hours
  • 8 days a month are migraine level headaches.
  • Effects can include vomiting/nausea, sensitivity to light, change in vision, change in speech or sensations.

While there isn’t complete understanding of why, or perfect solutions to solve the chronic migraines there are a couple of approaches, identified on the website, to deal with them.

First is Acute Medication which deals with the existing pain.

Second is preventative medication which is taken regularly to try to prevent headaches before they start.  

As with all imperfect solutions there are pluses and minuses of each approach.Having learned just a little about this debilitating disease these little chronic migraine awareness pins takes on a whole new meaning.

I hope those that suffer chronic migraines find relief.

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