20 Cool Enamel Pin Ideas for Your Backpack

October 16, 2023

Enamel pins are interesting, fun, cheap, and readily available. And because enamel pins are classy and trendy, one of the best ways to use enamel pins is by placing them on your backpack.

Whether you're in elementary school, in college, or working, we all use backpacks. Do you want to carry books and pencils or a laptop on your way to work? Well, a backpack can be your savior. And even though backpacks play various roles in our daily lives, we do not have to use them for convenience alone. Your backpack can be an excellent fashion statement; something to use to showcase something or express your personality. You can spice up your backpack by adding enamel pins that say something about your personality.

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to enamel pins for backpacks or rucksacks. While some enamel pins are made for events, they can end up pinned on your backpack and still look good. You can also place enamel pins that showcase your political stand, ideology, or even funny quotes. As long as these enamel pins are not offensive, they can be great for your backpack.

So if you're looking to join the enamel pins for backpacks craze or just looking to decorate your rucksack and let others know what you're interested in or who you are, here are some cool ideas to get you off to a great start.

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Animal Pins

Are you looking for an enamel pin that will never go out of style? Well, animal pins are an excellent choice. You probably have a favorite animal or even a pet that's close to your heart. You can get an enamel pin that looks like your favorite dog breed. You can as well go for a dolphin or even a shark if you want an animal that reminds you of the ocean. You can show your love for animals by creating a custom and cool animal backpack enamel pin.

This is a great way of having your favorite animal with you wherever you go. You can get their cute little faces or the entire body of the animal. The best thing to do when creating an animal enamel pin is to find the best picture or illustration of the animal. Once you've chosen the appropriate visual representation of the animal you can take it to the enamel manufacturer and let the magic of having your animal enamel pin on your backpack begin.

Wash Your Damn Hands Lapel Pin

The coronavirus pandemic has been taking the world by storm and one of the main guidelines in fighting this disease is hand washing. Given that the good old soap and water are one of the best ways to fight coronavirus, you can choose to go for an imaginative Wash Your Damn Hand Lapel Pin. This is a great way of reminding everyone else about the importance of washing your hands in fighting this deadly pandemic.

This is a soft enamel that's shaped like bar soap and will look cool and trendy on your backpack or rucksack. It comes with a standard clutch back and is made to last.

Succulent and Fruit Pins

Succulents and fruits have been on the rise in recent years. Whether it's on the stickers, clothes, decals, or decorative objects they've remained trendy for some time now. Lately, these succulent and fruit pins have been making their way on backpacks and it's a good time to try it on your backpack.

If you're an ardent fan of the red color, you can look for an enamel pin that resembles a strawberry. When it comes to succulent and fruit pins, there many options to choose from. Just find your favorite fruit and you'll be good to go.

Succulent and Fruit pins are a great way of enhancing your pins game while imaginatively showing your love for plants and nature in general. These enamel pins can be detailed to your liking and is a form of self-expression and also look great on backpacks. You can bring a taste of nature of a jungle vibe with one great succulent enamel pin. Cacti have been riding on a sartorial spotlight for some time now and it's a great way to start if you're a foliage-loving fashionista.

Pop Culture Enamel Pins

It's almost impossible to scroll any social media platform without seeing any topic referencing today's pop culture. Whether it is a popular reality TV show, a trending celebrity, art, or music, pop culture is part of our daily lives and we can't do without them. We generally like classifying ourselves through the music genre, movies, or art that we like.

And because we take immense pride in showing other people who we are, what we like, and the culture that we associate with, you can use pop culture enamel pins to show others exactly who you are and what you conform to. Go for something that has your favorite music punchline or you can come up with something that references your favorite band. This is an excellent way of catching someone's and can be a great way to start a conversation.

Political Enamel Pins

The Presidential election is in a few months and the political climate is soaring up with each passing day. Activists are also protesting throughout the country fighting for equality and human rights. There are a lot of political contents being pushed out every day and everyone is trying to justify his/her stand on everything that's going on.

Political enamel pins on your backpack is a great way of showcasing your political beliefs and a good way of letting others know where and what you stand for. This is a nice way of showing the world that you're a strong supporter of a particular political idea. Just make sure that it's not offensive or divisive.

Political enamel pins are a brilliant way of showing your allegiance to a particular political party, cause, or election candidate. You can use symbols, insignia, or slogans that represent current political issues and generate awareness around that particular political cause. More importantly, you should ensure that your political enamel pin is eye-catching and can bring up a healthy conversation around politics or the cause that resonates with you. Having political enamel pins on your backpack will help you spread and share with others your political ideas in a unique way.

Good Vibes Only Lapel Pins

Words and phrases always come up and we end up using them all the time. They become a hit in our culture and many people will know what you mean when you have them on an enamel pin and placed on your backpack.

One such trendy saying is "Good Vibes Only." It will look good on your backpack and show that you're all about feeling good vibes only throughout the day. Such an enamel pin can be created using black filled soft enamel; jeweler's metal, and copper to give it a bold finish and superb design. This is a lovely way of attracting only the best people and the best luck.

We all know that life can sometimes present us with bad vibes but staying positive, and looking forward to the good things can make life even more beautiful.

Positively Excellent

Do you want to motivate your friends or team? There's arguably no better way of doing it than with a "positively excellent" backpack enamel pin. This enamel pin will not only give your team energy but will also electrify your backpack with its two-tone hue.

A great way of making this pin is through a hard enamel process using a variety of colors such as black and gold with a smooth-to-touch polished finish. Just make sure that the enamel pin is designed to ooze positive energy and motivate you and your team. With this enamel pin, you'll showcase that your goal in whatever you do is to remain motivated and excellent. You can also use this enamel pin to give someone an uplifting charge.

Too Cool for Negativity

There are those days that will seem to turn upside down. If you want an enamel pin to empower you with positivity while eradicating negativity, the "Too Cool for Negativity" can be good for such a situation. It will not only make you feel good but it will boost your feeling and make you know that you're a lot better than just a single bad day.

You can have it designed as a guitar or a hat; this is an excellent enamel pin that will make you feel good even if your day has been so bad. If you know someone who is struggling with negative thinking, this enamel can give them an uplifting motivation to deal with whatever it is they're dealing with.

Black Bleeding Heart

The Black Lives Matter movement has been going on for the last few months and this enamel can be a great way of showing solidarity with them. You can also use this enamel pin on your backpack to show that your heart is broken and bleeding for the black lives that have been lost as a result of police brutality.

This is a perfect enamel pin if you want to express a dark and heavy heart.

Tropical Set of Enamel Pins

Do you want enamel pins that will bring warmth to your backpack even in the middle of winter? Well, a tropical set of enamel pins may be right for you. They're not only fun and exciting but you'll also love them because they're so cute and adorable. These enamel pins are available in perfect sizes for backpacks. These tiny enamel pins are of great quality as they're made with quality metal and not flimsy little plastics that won't go through an entire day.

Best Friends Enamel Pins

We all know that friendship is one of the most important things to have in life. With a good friend, you'll have love, laughter, happiness, and comfort in tough times. If you're lucky enough to have that one person you can call your best friend; somebody that can light up your world, especially in the toughest of times, you should never let them go. You can show them that they mean the whole world to you by have a "Best Friend" enamel pin.

Whether your friend is getting married, moving away, or having a birthday, you can create this lovely backpack enamel pin as a gesture that you'll never forget them and will always stay connected to them.

Yoga Frog Enamel Pin

Are you so much in love with yoga? Do you love showing to the world that you're so much in love with yoga? The yoga frog is a superb way of doing this. There are various yoga positions and these frogs come in various yoga positions.

For example, you can go for a yoga frog designed in the facing dog position or the Adho Mukha Svanasana, which is one of the most recognized yoga positions. This is a relaxing full-body stretch that can be perfect for your backpack. You can also go for a Sukhasana, which is a meditating position that is perfect for relieving stress. So if you're carrying a backpack to your next yoga class, these yoga frog enamel pins are a great way of showcasing your love for yoga.

Marijuana Enamel Pin

A few years ago, the legalization of marijuana was a hot debate in the country. Today, marijuana is legal in many states across the country and a marijuana enamel pin is a cool way of helping raise awareness on the legalization and medical use of marijuana. This little plant might be infamous but the enamel pin is designed beautifully with green and gold colors and made to shine.

Love Hand Sign Enamel Pin

Love is a universal language; something that can make the world spin. If you want to show some love, the "love hand sign" enamel pin can be a great way to do it. You can go with a gold-plated enamel pin and uniquely say "I love you" using this gorgeous enamel pin. If you want to show someone that you care, this can be a brilliant way to do it.

The American Flag Lapel Pin

You love our great nation, support everything American, and want to show some love for those who put their lives on the frontline to ensure that we are always protected from the enemy. Well, there's no better way than showing how proud you're about this nation than through the American Flag Lapel Pin. This metal antique has been around for centuries and has every striking detail of the beautiful flag. It's a great way of starting a conversation if you're pinning it on your backpack with immense pride as it will positively show your patriotism and, of course, your undying love of this beautiful country.

When designing or looking for an American Flag lapel pin for your backpack, you should get the details right. In addition to the metal clutch back, it should have a rubber backing to ensure that it doesn't rotate when it's pinned on your backpack. Other finer details such as 13 stripes and 50 stars should be part of your American Flag enamel pin.

The U.S. Army Lapel Pin

Still on patriotism, your military squad or friends, or any stranger will appreciate the fact that you recognize them and the service that they offer to this great nation. As we've just noted, the military always put their lives on the frontline and make a lot of sacrifices to ensure that we're all protected and that our nation's ideologies and beliefs are upheld and respected by others.

So whatever interests you when it comes to the services provided by the uniformed military men and women, you can showcase it by having the U.S. Army lapel pin on your backpack. From a unit's special insignia to other meaningful military symbols, you're spoilt for choice. Whether it the U.S Marine, a specific group, a military sign, wear it proudly on your backpack and you'll be showing your appreciation for the servicemen.

Your Sports Team Enamel Pin

We all love to show support to our favorite sports teams. Some have an entire room or homes decorated with colors and logos of their favorite sports teams. From decorating inanimate objects to having massive window decals and scarfs, you can show your sport for a particular sports team in several ways.

While many people might forget about enamel pins when it comes to showing their support of a given sports team, you can use enamel pins of your favorite sports team, especially if you're involved in an activity where you aren't allowed to wear your team's jersey. And even if you're prohibited from showing your love for your favorite sports team, especially in a more pronounced way, all you may need is your sports team enamel pin. Whether it's a basketball team, an NFL team, or a soccer team, proudly show the team you support by having its logo on your backpack.

Women's Health and Empowerment Pins

Whether you want to stand in solidarity with cancer patients or those impacted by sexual violence, there are superb women's health and empowerment enamel pins that will perfectly show your support for such a serious cause. You can show your support, commitment, and advocacy for a meaningful cause.

Such enamel pins have been used for centuries not only in creating awareness but also in educating others about what's going on in the world. You can also use such enamel pins to raise money or send powerful messages without necessarily having to say it loudly. It's also an outstanding way to show the person you honor by proudly having the enamel pin on your backpack. That's not all; you'll be expressing your love and support to that person or to that advocacy group during difficult times.

With women's health and empowerment enamel pins, you can do a lot of things. You can use them for fundraising, offering gifts to survivors, as memorial gifts, donor rewards, and even promotional products.

The Rainbow Lapel Pin

There's no better way of showing your love, tolerance, equality, and support of the LGBTQ+ community than having and proudly showing the rainbow lapel pin on your backpack. The rainbow has become an iconic symbol of our diverse sexuality and is a superb way of sending a strong message that you firmly stand and with the LGBTQ+ community.

This enamel pin will not only ensure that you stand out from the crowd but it's a great way of showing that you are proud of the gay community. Whether you want the world to know your sexuality or if it's in support of a gay friend, relative, or colleague, you're sure that it will get noticed. In essence, it's a great way of showing your dignity, sexual diversity, tolerance, and even more importantly, your absolute support of the gay community.

Auto Lapel Pin

Do you love outdoor traveling? Do you love those long road trips that take you through the famous Route 66? Well, you probably love automobiles and the fun that come with traversing the country in a well-maintained camper van. Whether it's a sports car, an old camper van, or those incredible American muscle cars, you can have enamel pins designed in the shape of your favorite car pinned on your backpack.

This can be a great way of showing your personality and the type of cars that you love. Whether you're going for a car show or mingling with fellow car lovers, you're sure that your auto enamel pin will be a nice way to strike up a convo and probably make some new friends along the way.

Bottom Line

There you have it; there are endless cool enamel pins ideas for your backpack or rucksack. Whatever enamel pin you choose, make sure that it represents you or stand for a cause that you cherish dearly. Again, it's of great importance to ensure that the enamel pin is designed perfectly and is affordable.

So if you want to make a bold statement or even find others who share the same interests as you, having perfect backpack pins is a good starting point. They will not only spruce up your backpack but will also be a nice way to start a conversation.

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