Cross the Finish Line First with a Custom Finisher Medal

October 16, 2023

No doubt, most of us have watched or maybe even participated in a marathon, track event, climb, or a fun walk, seeing the winners cross the finish line and then stand as a judge puts a gold, silver, or bronze medal around their neck.But if your experience with a race is limited to watching from the sidelines or on your living room sofa with the TV on, you might not know that in many events – especially those for weekend runners and at fundraising events – and often all of the participants receive a medal, too.For example, I know of a woman who is participating in a race up all 1,776 stairs to the top of Toronto’s iconic CN Tower to help raise money for the World Wildlife Fund. If she makes it to the sky lounge at the top of the tower, she and everyone else who endured the grueling climb will receive a custom finisher medal for helping a worthwhile cause. Afterwards, I assume she’ll take an elevator back down to ground level!While Olympic medals are unique, for nearly every other event below established collegiate, national and international championships, receiving a finisher medal is a way to recognize individual achievement as well as for sponsors to show their pride in helping an event or charity reach its goal.

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Design A Custom Finisher Medal

The beauty of a finisher medal is that it can be tailored to reflect the precise nature of the event.If this is first event your organization has held or sponsored, your custom medal can look hip and new. If the event has a long history dating back years or decades, honor it by applying an antique-like finish. To add some extra pizazz, we can add LED lights, cut-outs, spinners, attachments, glitter fills, translucent fills, die-cast or die-struck, even a 3D effect that makes it look sculpted. The finish on the medal can change its feel, look and texture.Some customers also order a lapel pin or challenge coin to hand out to both participants and the fans who are cheering them on.Three things you do not have to worry about are the quality of your finisher medal, the service you’ll receive and the creativity that can be brought to the medallion.We have long standing, trusted relationships with our suppliers, so we provide the highest quality finisher medal at an affordable price – as little as $1.95 each, depending on the size and quantity you order. Because sponsoring an event is a big enough job, we are with you during every phase of your order from design to delivery so you don’t have to think about the medals.Your finisher medal is how the world identifies you as well as the event. This is why we provide you with as much unique and creative flair as you want to include. PinProsPlus help ensure that your custom finisher medal will be as unique as the event itself, whether it is an annual marathon or a one-off climb to the top of the world’s tallest free-standing structure.Want more information about Lapel Pins? Here are more related posts:

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