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October 16, 2023

Several years ago, I was lucky enough to be able to go up in a hot air balloon during the annual festival in New Mexico. It was an amazing experience because it was my first ride in a lighter-than-air craft. After we landed, the pilot of the balloon gave me a pin to commemorate my first ascent. Even today, whenever I look at the pin I remember every moment of the thrilling ride and the spectacular balloon festival over the New Mexico dessert.Special festivals, arts councils and cultural events and organization all have found that a custom lapel culture pins provide a lasting memory of the event as well as serving as a way to promote the effort for the next time it is held.It’s not just hot air balloon races that mark their event with custom lapel pins. Opera festivals such as those in Santa Fe and Beyreuth, film festivals all over the world, special art exhibits in museums and neighborhoods, and a full range of other arts and cultural events and organizations give a pin to people who participate and who attend.The pins not only promote the activity, they provide a sense of belonging and togetherness along with fond memories like those I have of my balloon ascent.

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Lapel Pins for Big and  Small Events

Events and activities of all sizes order pins.On the one hand, a major film festival like the one we have here in Utah is likely to order thousands of pins. Every producer, director, performer, voice-over artist, distributor and other people involved in making the production will get a pin as will all of the ticket buyers.On the other end, we have customers that order a few hundred pins to give away. I am thinking of a neighborhood artist showcase held in the parking lot behind a grocery store every summer. But the pins must be having a positive effect because every year they order an additional one hundred or so.In between are museums, municipalities and schools that stage or sponsor art and culture events during the year. The events are of all sizes.In our business, there’s no such thing as too big or too small.

Custom Culture Pins Create Positive Branding

Most people think of “branding” as something done by a company selling a product to individuals or other businesses. But arts councils, cultural organizations and festivals need to brand their effort to build awareness.They find that a custom lapel pin with their logo or a design that symbolizes the organization or event is an effective and low-cost way to extend the reach of whatever other promotional effort they mount. What better way to show off the brand of a festival, event, or activity than having it affixed to somebody’s shirt, jacket or hat?For people like me, the lapel pin is also a reminder that I want to go again.

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