Custom Means Custom with Embroidered Patches

October 16, 2023

Looking for an interesting way to show off your logo, group, cause or event? Think about a custom embroidered patch.They are becoming increasing popular because they are inexpensive and incredibly versatile. We have had customers order them for affixing to jeans, jackets, caps, work shirts and uniforms, military garb, hoodies and sweatshirts, golf shirts, active wear and shoes, and even on bags.A custom embroidered patch enables employees, suppliers and customers as well as members of an organization or special unit show off their affiliation and loyalty.The beauty of a patch is that it can be made in so many styles, enhancements and options. This gives your custom embroidered patch the look and feel you want that best reflects your organization.

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Respect and Pride

The service of men and women who are first responders or serve in the military is something all of us at PinProsPlus are proud of. Whether a volunteer firefighter in a small town or serving their country in a dangerous and faraway place, the custom embroidered patch on their uniform means something to the civilians who see it – and especially to the people who wear it.We ensure that our high-quality custom patches are long-lasting and can handle the risks these people face every day. Our patches are as durable as the commitment of those who serve all of us.Many customers want their custom embroidered patch to stand out from the crowd so it gets noticed by the people who see it, whether on a uniform, a jacket or some other garment. This adds another element of pride in and support for the organization.

Varied Looks and Feels

The most-popular custom patch style has an embroidered look and feel. It is made with cotton twill backing. We make our custom patches with high-quality embroidery thread similar to what is used by high fashion brands and sports teams at all levels.We can add metallic thread, glow-in-the-dark thread and reflective material. The word” custom” means just that: We will help you design it to fit how you will use it. Along with different threads, there are a variety of backing options including iron on, sew on, pin on, peel on and stick for temporary use, an adhesive backing, magnetic, Velcro or no backing at all.But the style and design doesn’t affect its ability to be washed or its durability.And many people are surprised at how economical a custom embroidered patch can be. Ours cost as little as 49-cents each depending on the size and quantity that are ordered.

Custom Embroidered Patch Really Means a Custom Patch

Unlike some suppliers, we do not have a catalogue of stock patches that you have to fit your design and purpose into or around.In fact, you don’t even need to have a design in mind. Our representatives will work with you to come up with a size, style, design, appropriate enhancements and backing that will meet all of your specific requirements.If you have any questions about a custom embroidered patch for your group, company, organization, cause or unit, just call 1.801.544.1005 and ask away!PinProsPlus is a supplier of a wide range of custom products that show off a company, its logo or product, employee achievement and teamwork, charities, military and first responder units, sports teams from little leagues to big leagues, and banners. We design and make lapel pins, custom button pins, hard enamel pins& many promotional products.

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