Custom Sports Trading Pins Raise Spirits and Money

October 16, 2023

Nearly everybody has a favorite team, sport or activity that they enjoy. Yet even people who aren’t necessarily sports fans seem to like collecting and trading custom sports pins. While many of the sports trading pins we make for customers are for college and big league teams, sometimes the pins are for sports that hardly anyone knew was an organized activity. We once had a customer order custom sports trading pins for a Tiddlywink league in New England! Who knew that the game a lot of us played as kids in the basement on a rainy day had become an organized league with teams consisting of adults?The fact is that we receive orders from people who want a pin for just about every sport and activity ever invented by man.

  • Baseball team and league trading pins
  • Ping Pong sports trading pins
  • Bowling league trading pins
  • Softball trading pins
  • Football trading pins
  • Soccer trading pins
  • Hockey league and team trading pins
  • Tennis team trading pins
  • Curling trading pins
  • Bridge league trading pins
  • Cheerleading squad trading pins
  • Pickleball trading pins – yes, there really is such a sport with teams

People find them PINspiring, and fun to wear, collect and trade.

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Great Fund-Raising Tool

A lot of amateur, high school and college teams and leagues hold fund-raisers because they need money to maintain a field, pay officials and umpires, and cover the cost of trips to away games and tournaments.A custom sports trading lapel pin is a proven way to acknowledge donors and sponsors. It shows all the world which side the fans are rooting for. A sports trading pin is inexpensive to buy so handing them out to contributors won’t cut into the proceeds of the drive to raise much-needed funds. A pin costs as little as 60-cents each depending on the quantity, size and style ordered.And after they’re done rooting on their team at a state championship, people frequently enjoy collecting them. Some attend conventions where they buy, sell and trade their pins to other collectors. Sports trading lapel pins continue to remind people of a great time, giving them a life that goes on for years after the games themselves have slipped into memory.

Sports Trading Pins Can Be Made in Nearly Any Size, Shape and Style!

Typically, a 1½-inch pin is ordered. But some customers like larger pins and we’ve made many of them in 3-inches or even larger.What is especially wonderful about sports trading pins is that it can be as jazzy and sparkly as the customer wants. We often add extras such as glitter color, a spinner, dangle, slider and even a bobble head.Got something else in mind? Call us and we can probably add it to your sports trading lapel pin.If you have questions or want to see if your idea can be made into a lapel pin, call us at (801) 544-1005.Want more information about Lapel Pins? Here are more related posts:Come and Get It! Farmer’s Markets Use Custom Lapel PinsCulture Vultures Love Culture Pins!Recognizing Nurses for All They Do | PinProsPlus Makes Nursing PinsAnnouncing The PinProsPlus Scholarship!We Help Advertising and Marketing Firms Help Their Clients

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