A Custom Vinyl Banner Lets You Stand Up and Shout Out

March 4, 2024

Whether on the side of a building announcing that a new business had arrived, on an outfield fence at a ballpark shouting “Go Bulldogs!”, stretched across a street during an annual neighborhood festival, or in front of a house congratulating someone on their graduation, custom vinyl banners are a part of our lives and part of the fun of living.Their versatility is one of the reasons they are so popular. They come in all sizes ranging from small vinyl banners that can he held in one hand to banners that are large enough to be hung along the wall of an office building, warehouse or factory. Another reason they are popular is their versatility. Banners are simple, lightweight, portable, reusable and display your message in a professional yet fun way.And because they are durable, custom vinyl banners are weather-resistant and can be used outdoors or as inside signage for years to come.

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Vinyl Banner Flexibility

Talk about flexible applications! Banners are used to promote a company name on a table at trade shows, or hung across the back of a booth to show off a service or product. Businesses also find them effective in announcing their sponsorship of a special event such as a charity run or BBQ cook-off competition. But because they are economical, customers order banners to decorate a birthday, anniversary or graduation party, Grade school, high school and college teams often will hang a banner from a gym rafter to proclaim a championship season.Whether you are printing a unique corporate logo and slogan on a custom vinyl banner or a simple congratulatory message, they offer flexibility and endless design possibilities at an economical price: The cost is as little as $3.75 per square foot.

Easy Maintenance Means Vinyl Banners Last Years

Unlike a sign printed on cardboard or poster board, a custom vinyl banner is designed to last years by following some simple, easy care guidelines.Hang your banner properly. Be sure to attach it using all of the grommets that come with your banner to keep it from tearing. Employ zip ties, rope, hanging clips or a bungee cord to attach it to wherever it is going to be hung. If possible, keep it out of direct sunlight to prevent it from fading. And if high winds are in the forecast, you’ll want to take it down until the big blow ends so it doesn’t get torn or destroyed.Cleaning a custom vinyl banner is easy. If it becomes dirty or is used outdoors, cleaning is simple: Add dish soap to lukewarm water and just wipe it down with a soft cloth or towel. You can avoid scratching it by not using a power washer or brush.The best way to store a banner is using the box it comes in. Roll it up with the print side out, which will help ensure that the inks do not scratch. Put the box someplace where it won’t be subjected to extreme heat or where sunlight might cause it to fade.However you plan to use a customized vinyl banner, there is no better way to stand up and shout out your message.

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