Die Cast Pins are Intricate with Cutouts

October 16, 2023

It’s likely that many of us have seen somebody wearing a pin with an unusual shape and maybe some cutouts in the middle. They are in marked contrast to the usual round shape of most pins. It’s hard to miss them. Besides their intricate design, typically these pins are two inches or larger in size.This type of pin is called a “die cast pin,” and it is the cutouts that make them unique.Most often, we’re asked to make pins with cutout letters. But they may also just have holes in the pin or include an element raised up a bit for a 3D effect as well as being made in an unusual shape.For example, a business that makes dog treats wanted a pin that was nearly three inches long and not quite two inches high. It was made in the shape of a bone with the name of the company cut out in the middle. As part of a special promotion, all of the people working in pet stores around the country that sold its products were given the pin to wear as a reminder to customers to buy its doggie treats.Using the die cast process, this is easy to do,While most pins are stamped, how we make a die cast pin is very different.

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Die Cast Pins Allow Total Design Flexibility

I won’t go into a lot of boring, technical detail but, in essence, a die cast pin is made by first creating a mold. Then, we inject a molten Zinc alloy into it which hardens when it cools. This not only makes a very durable pin that won’t bend, it also results in the cutouts and detailed design that are the hallmark of a die cast pin.Generally, a die cast pin is finished with a gold, silver or other metallic color. But they also can be made by adding any of the many different Pantone and PMS enamel colors we use with our other styles of pins and products. The dog bone-shaped pin I mentioned had a thin silver strip around the edge with white enamel in the rest of the pin.That’s the great thing about die cast pins: They can accommodate almost any design and color combination a customer wants to include.Whether it is a dog bone, a company logo, a pin shaped like a potato chip or some other unusual shape, if you can dream it, we can make it!

Not Your Ordinary Pin

It’s quite obvious that a die cast pin isn’t anything like a die struck pin. For many uses, die struck makes sense but when something unusual or out of the ordinary is required, die cast is the answer.Because the process of making a die cast pin is somewhat more expensive than for a die struck – or stamped – pin, they are great to use when a customer has a special promotion or upcoming special event and really wants to stand out.If you’re unsure whether a die struck pin or die cast pin is what you need, talk with one of our skilled and knowledgeable reps. They can give you the answers you need. Then, if die cast is what you’re looking for, PinProsPlus will create a masterpiece you’ll be proud to hand out or give away.If you have any questions or want to see if your idea can be made into a pin, call us at (801) 544-1005.

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