Add Personality to a Custom Lapel Pin with Emojis!

October 16, 2023

Remember when we had to fumble around using keyboard characters like ;) to add a bit of personality to an email, text message or social media post?Well, the ;) gave way to the smiley face 😄 which led to frowns â˜č and even sticking your tongue out at somebody with a snarky 😝. Now, there is an emoji to express nearly every thought and emotion. They are so common that smartphones come with a catalogue of emojis for people to use when texting or emailing someone.You know that emojis truly have become a part of the culture when even the staid, very businesslike social media platform LinkedIn offers them as “reactions” to things users read in their newsfeed. The site gives people a choice of five: A thumbs up for like, a heart to show a reader loves an idea, clapping hands to applaud good work, a face with a curious expression when the content triggers new thoughts and a lightbulb to signal a great idea.We do better than that. At PinProsPlus, you can order custom lapel pins with any emoji there is – or one that you just make up. If you can dream it, we can make it!

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An Emoji Pin for Every Lapel or Backpack

The wonderful thing about emojis is that they add life and a personality to almost every custom lapel pin.It doesn’t matter whether a pin is simply the emoji by itself or an emoji is incorporated into the design of a team, product, institution, business or event, putting it on a pin makes people look twice and smile. But they can be used with almost any of our products. We have customers who are putting them on everything from custom vinyl banners that are hung at a trade show exhibit to custom buttons handed out at a fundraiser and even finisher medals given to participants completing a charity fun run or walk.The beautiful thing about emojis is that they can fit in or around nearly any other design element on a pin or other promotional item.

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