Can You Wear An Enamel Pin With A Pocket Square?

October 16, 2023

Can an enamel pin be worn with a suit and pocket square and come off looking great? If yes, what can you do to make sure you know the trendiest fashion?

One of the most popular quotes in the fashion industry today is probably "Fashion starts by feeling comfortable in your own skin." This can be seen in the shift fashion has taken over the recent past. Initially, most of the trendiest and most admirable looks were reserved for the runway. While you could admire something worn, few people actually saw themselves in such clothes on the streets.

Today, however, the situation has gradually changed. There are myriad fashion shows full of fashionable yet practical wear. The lapel is perhaps one of the best takes on this.

The enamel pin is a subtle yet key accessory when it comes to fashion. It is versatile and can be worn with a number of garments and fashion statements. However, it is possible to go off the rail when looking for what to pair the lapel with.

Since enamels are mostly worn with official or smart casual attire, getting it wrong could be detrimental to your fashion statement. Consequently, this can move it from a complementary attire to one that makes you stick out like a sore thumb for all the wrong reasons.

Pairing the lapel with a suit is one of the most natural fashion statements. However, as seen above, you need to get it right in order to have the desired effect. If you do, indeed, get it right, the enamel gives off a sense of confidence and sophistication. Unfortunately, if you're not able to pull it off, you could end up looking tacky, confused, and sometimes silly.

This shouldn't worry you, though, since there are various ways to accessorize with enamels. This is unlike earlier decades when they were strictly designated for formal events. Nonetheless, it is important to note that while the modern application of wearing a lapel is more liberal, there are still guiding principles to pulling it off.

For instance, a lapel is a great suit accessory for an array of functions, ranging from official to casual events. However, a suit may have other accessories, such as a pocket square. This then begs the question, can you include enamel pins with other accessories such as pocket squares?

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Can you wear an enamel pin with a pocket square?

When it comes to paring pocket squares and lapels, you'll either come off very stylish or look like you woke up and threw on the first thing you could find. As a result, you need to be methodical and nuanced about pairing the two as both complementary accessories. So, can you pull off a lapel with a pocket square?

An enamel pin has one of two effects when coupled with a pocket square; it can either look overdone or artistic. Having a balance and knowing what goes well with what requires some level of poise.

For this fashionable trend, you'll need to have a nice suit. And this takes the conversation even further, to the tie. For the enamel to work, you'll first need to think of how to balance the three accessories - the tie, enamel pin, and pocket square. While looking for the right fit, some of the considerations to put are the colors, patterns, and texture.

Sometimes, the more subtle you are with details, the better you are able to pull off complex looks. Not everything in the suit needs to make a loud statement. If you make the mistake of having everything shout, you'll have layered levels of confusion, which will cause visual disarray.

Guidelines for wearing enamel pins and pocket squares

Some of the guidelines to consider when pairing an enamel pin with a pocket square are;

1. Complement the neighboring accessories

The enamel pin is a great accessory that adds detail to any blazer or suit. For the best outlook, you should look for a pin that augments the pocket square. That means if you are wearing a pin made from material, you should try and match the color with the other two accessories.

If you have a preference for metallic pins - especially silver-colored ones, you can pair them with cool colors such as gray or blue. Gold metallic enamel pins on the other side can be paired with warm colors such as brown or red.

2. Pin it to the suit

The rules of the lapel dictate that it must be put on the left side of the suit. Usually, you'll find a small hole dedicated to this purpose on the suit or blazer's left side. Some jackets, however, do not have this inclusion. You can fix this by piercing right through the material with the pin. The hole shouldn't worry you as it'll disappear once the enamel pin is removed.

3. Stick to one style

Enamel pins come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, material, and designs, and pocket squares can also be very versatile. This means there are a lot of combinations that can work well. However, this also means there's a risk of getting an enamel pin and pocket square that don't match. To make sure you don't mix any unwanted colors, try and stick to the same style. If you go for a rustic look, maintain the same through the lapel and pocket square.

There are, however, colors and styles that complement each other. If you are confident about the styles complementing each other, you can also pair them. This, however, will also depend on the kind of event you plan on attending.

4. Try a new look

There's a lot of advice about pulling off the right look when it comes to enamel pins. However, the advice is not set on stone. If you feel you have a new fashion statement that would work, you should go ahead and try it. Who knows, you just might start a new trend. However, this goes without saying it's for the more adventurous and bold people. If you are not so sure, you can stick with the above tips for your enamel pin and pocket square pairing.

So, can you wear an enamel pin and pocket square? The answer is a resounding yes. However, you have to observe the tips above to pull it off nicely and have that sophisticated look.

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