Enamel Pins: 5 Tips To Keep Them From Falling Off

October 16, 2023

Small, delightful pieces of original wearable art, enamel pins are unique dressing accessories inspired by nostalgia, nature, and dreams. Ideally, enamel pins are ornamental wearable accessories that sit on a man's suit jacket lapel.

Enamel pins usually come in metal emblems as well as real flowers or fabric. These particular motifs are attached securely to a metal pin that slides through your jacket lapel fabric. Lapel/ Enamel pins are the type of accessories that are still engulfed in a certain degree of ambiguity. These stunning pins are fundamentally entangled to the long-standing narrative of men's fashion, and they exude an ancient world sensibility.

Since vintage looks are significantly rising in popularity within the global men's fashion realm, enamel pins too are over the years gaining extensive revival. Their global recognition is usually attributed to their suitability in promoting a level of charm to universal suit styles. Enamel pins work to enhance your ensemble's elegance without detracting from your general sophistication.

Considering their significance, only a few of us will resolve in keeping our enamel pin collection on our walls. Usually, we want to wear our enamel pins on jackets, bags, and virtually anything. Unfortunately, after some time, the enamel pins fall off and get lost. While our pins are built to remain firm in place once you put them, it is unavoidable that they can fall off.

If you have had a frustrating experience with your enamel pins constantly sliding or falling off and want to know how to keep your enamel pins from falling off, here are several tips to ensure your enamel pins don't fall off.

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Are you protective of your favorites? If so, then investing in locking pin backs is an effective way to safeguard your enamel pins from falling. With locking pin backs, you can effectively resolve all your problems, but unfortunately, not many of us have an idea of what they are. Ideally, locking back pins usually lock into place to offer the extra security.

To remove these pin backs, you must lift a spring mechanism on the back. Locking pin backs are an ideal option if you prefer to put the pin in sections that see much more action, such as backpacks. These locking pin backs come in a wide array of selections to keep your pins safe and securely fastened. Each option is beneficial for a different reason, with some being more expensive than others due to their material composition.

Furthermore, locking pin backs are designed to remain concealed from view, with the backing being �invincible' when worn. In most cases, the most common locking pin backs used are the military or butterfly clutch. However, it would be best if you considered other similarly useful but different options. You can choose from a wide array of attachments to secure your enamel pins and prevent them from falling off. Here are some of the popular types of enamel pin back clutches

Butterfly/Military Clutch

This is a standard pin lock, also known as a military clutch or butterfly clutch. These clutches comprise two little metal pieces on the clutch, which you squeeze together to get the clutch off the spike or subsequently put the clasp on the spike. Ideally, these usually come in an assortment of metal colors, often matching the enamel pin's base metal.

Typically, you usually push the pin's lock-on and just 'pinch' it's tabs together to remove it. These clutches are the typical attachment included with all individual enamel pin. It is among the most common enamel pins around.

Rubber Clutch

This is another common type of clutch you can use to fasten your enamel pins and prevent them from falling off. The rubber PVC locks are quite easy to put on and subsequently remove off pin spikes, and they come in a wide array of colors and stunning shapes all available in the modern market. The rubber clutches are even designed to match the enamel pin colors effectively.

Usually, these rubber clutches may be substituted at no added cost and are known to hold better and are therefore more difficult to remove. For instance, when used on hats, these rubber pins don't poke as much as with metal clutches. They are relatively tighter than standard butterfly clutches. When you put your enamel pin on your bag or jacket once, they are a fantastic lock.

Flat Top Tie Tack

If you are looking for a more classy way to clip on an enamel pin securely or to use your enamel pin to hold neckties together, then tie tack flat top pins are your best bet. These fantastic lock pins are loaded with a spring, and will keep your enamel/lapel pin much better compared to butterfly clutches that are regarded as 'High End.' Once you push on this pin, it remains fastened.

All you need to lift its top and the enamel pin will slip off as for removing it. Flat tops enable more comfort against your body. Tie tack clutches are usually very convenient for safeguarding your enamel pin securely. They boast an exclusive internal locking mechanism that effectively grips your enamel pin's spike.

Flathead clutches are quite easy to put on a spike as well as to remove them as you only have to pull its back out a little to pull off the clutch.

Ball Top Tie Tack (Ball Locking Clutch)

Significantly and comparably alike in terms of use and functionality to the flathead tie tacks mentioned earlier, this ball locking pin clutch also comes with an internal locking feature to keep your enamel pins secure and safe. In several cases, these lock pins are usually also known as jewelry lock pins since they tend to appear somewhat fancier than their flat-top pin lock counterparts.

These lock pins offer an exclusive design alternative, as well as the option to add a small bar and chain for use like standard tie tacks. The ball locking pins are easy to remove and secure, and it is a general preference for their classic look.

Safety Pin

Typically, these lock pins share a striking resemblance to the backings that you may have seen on a safety pin or button. These are very secure, and owing to their unique design, they help prevent your lapel/enamel pins from rotating or falling off during their usage.

These safety pins are an excellent way of securing larger enamel pins and usually function to keep standard sized enamel pins from tilting or spinning off-center. Safety pins are particularly designed to suit heavier fabrics or relatively wide pins.

Stem Style Clutch

Ideally, these are relatively clutch pins with a needle-like thin stem that extends below an enamel pin. The lock pin's stem ends in a distinct point, usually capped either with a rubber or metal cap.

Magnet Clutch

Finally, if you would rather not place a 'pin' through your attire, you can alternatively use a magnet. This way, your attire or accessories are never 'damaged.' These types of lock pins comprise two pieces and may be fixed to any fabric or surface without needing to make a hole through it.

Typically, nothing comes more natural than attaching an enamel pin to an accessory than by using a magnet. All you need to do is hold the lapel/enamel pin in the preferred place and subsequently put the magnet disk behind your attire/fabric.

Magnetic clutches are not only easy to remove but also entirely secure. What's more, these clutches work particularly well for the relatively thinner surfaces; and based on how you add the magnet, some of these lock pins can function as traditional magnets.


Today, there are multiple types of clutch pins. Each comes with a unique twist and distinct features designed to safely secure your enamel pin and prevent them from falling off. If you want to sort out the problem of your lapel pins sliding or falling off, you can go for the clutch pins featuring two pin backs. Unlike the typical pins that boast just one pin, these come with two rendering them extra secure, remarkably keeping your enamel pin from spinning or falling off.

Some of the most common double pin back options you can use include:

  • Double Butterfly Clutch: more often than not, lock pins with two clutches find use with large or wide enamel pins. These lock pins help in keeping your enamel pin straight or subsequently provide a much more secure enamel pin placement. Typically, butterfly clutches are quite easier to remove and have better functionality when the enamel pin is moved regularly.
  • Double Rubber Clutch: one other option you can use when it comes to 2 clutch lock pins is a rubber lock pin. Compared to their metal counterparts, double rubber lock pins are much more secure and are usually commonly used with large trading pins that are frequently attached to sports bags, among other materials.


Sometimes, enamel pins are not used as pins! When enamel pins are used as medallions and have to be attached to objects, the 'nail' is usually left off, and the users apply adhesive backing. With adhesive backing, you need to peel off the paper and then stick it to non-porous and hard surfaces, and it remains affixed. However, this type of attachment adhesive works well where the placement is permanent.


As surprising as it sounds, using superglue is yet another way to ensure that your enamel pin does not fall off! If you are entirely certain about your enamel pin placement, you can seal it by putting a drop or two of standard superglue in your enamel pin's clasp!


Finally, when you are not wearing your enamel pins, you should place them in a safe location. In essence, a crisp display represents an excellent way of showing your lapel pins off without necessarily facing the risk of losing them. Such is particularly significant if you usually collect rare or vintage pins that are not easily replaceable.


When wearing enamel pins on areas that come into contact with your body:

If you want to wear your enamel pins on a shirt, hat, or any other place where they may directly contact your skin, the rubber pin backs are your best option. Despite being somewhat less secure than other pin back options, these accessories are more comfortable and will not lead to chafing. Rubber is a soft and gentle material and will not press too hard or scratch you.

When wearing enamel pins on areas that are not in direct contact with the skin

If you want to wear your enamel pins on your backpack, shirt lapel, or ITA backpack, among other locations that are not in direct contact with the skin, then locking pin backs are an appropriate fit. These pins are quite useful with continually moving surfaces like when you have an enamel pin on the bag due to the constant jostling.

When displaying enamel pins on a pin banner or pinboard

In such a case, the most appropriate option would be the rubber pin backs. A pinboard needs no backing and is relatively simpler to put on and also remove the rubber pins compared to the locking ones. In extension, pin banners rarely get jostled or shift, and therefore, rubber pin backs can securely fix your enamel pin without much trouble.

When wearing enamel pins on expensive attire like a dress, suit, or any other pricey material

When wearing your lapel pin on expensive material, a magnet clutch may be your best bet. This way, you can avoid poking holes through your attire as with pin posts.


The elegance, style, and spark that enamel pins exude, especially when properly placed on a piece of fabric or object, is undeniable. A set of stunning, quality enamel pins can make all the difference when it comes to sprucing up your wardrobe repertoire. While it is sometimes unavoidable that you might have to deal with the pins spinning around or falling off, this need not be so especially if you use these few tips on keeping enamel pins from falling off.

These tips will help prevent your enamel pins from spinning and falling off, but they will help ensure you are always looking sharp and following the proper styling etiquette. As such, if you want to know how to keep enamel pins in place, you must choose an appropriate set of locks and accessories, and these few tips should guide you through.

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