Can You Use Enamel Pins as Earrings?

October 16, 2023

Enamel pins have remarkably revolutionized, and are now the most distinct earrings on the market. A once formal style accessory is now one of the hottest trends of today. Due to their fun, vibrant, and customizable features, enamel (lapel) pin earrings are an excellent fashion hack people are having an easy time getting on board with. These adorable pins you usually throw on purses, collars, and other attires are perfectly assorted to add flair to your whole look.

Enamel pins have substantial levels of history beneath the fashion choice, and with this comes a broad range of uses and applications. The vintage pins have social media platforms to thank for their newly regained popularity. Since 2015, lapel pins have become a chic way to present individuality and trend in style. And this is why PinProsPlus offers the best custom enamel pins, which are multifunctional.

There are many events where lapel pins are appropriate, depending on the design. From formal events to nightly events, these cute pins never disappoint. How can you take full advantage of the pins without throwing them on a purse or a lapel?

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Can You Use Enamel Pins as Earrings?

Given that there are many types of lapel pins, you can style the accessory in several ways, one of which is earrings. A customized pin is a high fashion statement and complements your outfit any way you want it to. Such pins are decorative, and therefore, fit best as earrings on top of other applications.

Designing enamel pin earrings is a process that should be done by an expert or a professional company to provide you with a useful and embellished accessory. The main reason is that whatever goes into your piercing should be sterile, safe, and free of toxins. So, to answer the question, enamel pins do make great earrings. All facts considered, why not? They are unique and can be personalized to portray any sign or message. Your main concern is what to reflect on before using a lapel pin as an earring.

Factors to Consider When Using Enamel Pins as Earrings

If you are into craft and trendy style, you might have come across social media influencers promoting lapel pins as earrings. To avoid any risks, it is essential to get your enamel pin from a trustworthy company. The pins to be used are safe for human use and free of any toxins and allergens.

First and foremost, the enamel pins have to be hygienic and disinfected to prevent skin irritation and infections. This factor relies typically on the material used to make the pins, and if it is skin-friendly, then the earrings are worth it. PinProsPlus has sterile enamel pins that will ensure your piercing remains germ-free and healthy.

Next, the pin's ends should not be too sharp as it may injure or tear your skin. Earrings are usually designed without a pointy end, and the pins have to be altered if the end is sharp. The prong should also be the right size - too big a prong will leave your ears feeling sore, whereas a small prong simply is not appealing. At the end of the day, as much as you want to step up your fashion game, your health is a priority.

Lastly, make sure you consider the lapel pin's coat before using it as an earring. Your body may react harshly to some metals, especially if you have sensitive skin. Turning an enamel pin to a correctly functioning ornament involves several factors that result in a catchy accessory. 

Making Enamel Pin Earrings

The whole process of customizing a lapel pin to an earring needs patience and skill, which can only be possessed by licensed specialists or companies. Mostly used tools include:

  • ‍Enamel sieve
  • Enamel powder
  • Tweezers
  • Kiln‍
  • Red copper
  • Additional earring accessories (if necessary)

‍The first process is a repeat of baking for the front, back, and patterns. Since you might hurt yourself or miss a couple of essential steps, our professionals make it an aim to design top-quality and stain-free enamel pins that also make pleasant earrings. Hooking the studs to the pins is more comfortable compared to making the enamel pin itself.

Instead of going through the trouble of baking and shaping to produce the lapel pins you want, purchase customizable pins at PinProsPlus and attach earring accessories to turn the pins to earrings.

Benefits of Using Enamel Pins as Earrings

Now that you are a hundred percent sure that it is possible to use lapel pins as earrings, it is essential to know why or how it can benefit you or your business. As long as you have a reliable company to purchase enamel pins from, you are good to go.

The pins are mostly used as decorative pins but have found their way in business and related industries. When you use them as earrings, you can advertise your brand or show your association with a company, group, or organization. Lapel pins are a fantastic branding tool if you use them correctly. Not only will you pass a message, but do it in a chic and hip way.

Next, such pins are used to establish an individual's or company's identity. Why struggle to make a statement when you can effortlessly do it by wearing a pair of delightful enamel earrings? From trade shows, fashion shows, daily occurrences, and general advertising, lapel pins have proven to be a small yet significant accessory.

Where to Get Enamel Pins to Use as Earrings

Purchasing premium lapel pins that you will later use as earrings are vital. Otherwise, you will end up with sore, injured, or infected ears. At PinProsPlus, we believe in turning your custom pin idea into the best reality. We have made enamel pins for big names and individuals, which proves our reliability and professionalism.

Please feel free to request a quote or check our enamel pins prices here. We offer the best pin prices, and you are guaranteed full customer satisfaction. Our team makes everything easy for you - we pick calls instantly, offer suitable solutions, and always put the customer's needs first. Contact us today and turn your customizable enamel pins to earrings that will leave friends, family, and colleagues saying wow!

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