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The Guide To Disney Pin Trading

PinProsPlus started off in the pin business by selling Disney Trading Pins and is still the go-to source for customized Disney pins.


June 11, 2020


The Guide To Disney Pin Trading

While there have been Disney pins practically as long as there has been a Disney – the officially endorsed hobby of Disney pin trading is relatively new. Introduced by the company in 1999, Disney pin trading can be a fun addition to Disney theme parks or a passion unto itself. On the surface it is a simple collecting hobby, but the more one explores it the more involving it can become.

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Table of contents

What is Disney Pin Trading?

Disney decided in 1999 to give park guests and brand enthusiasts the opportunity to play a special trading and collecting game when visiting Disney parks. Disney Pin Trading pins are officially trademarked collector pins featuring Disney characters, rides and special events. Some of these pins are available for purchase at various stores in the theme parks, official Disney stores and online, while others are only obtainable through trading.This is where the fun part begins. When baseball trading pins at Disneyland, cast members in the parks wear lanyards that contain various pins, and they will trade with visitors for those pins. Each cast member will trade with a guest up to twice a day – a pin for a pin. The monetary value or rarity of the pin is not considered by the Cast Member. A visitor can trade the most common pin for the rarest pin and the Cast Member will not hesitate.Some park visitors and Disney collectors are incredibly enthusiastic about this process and can be seen wearing lanyards or cards full of pins. There are also Cast Members with green lanyards that will only trade with children. This means both adults and kids can pursue the pins of their dreams.

Tips for Trading

  • On the surface Disneyland pin trading may seem easy enough, but there can be fierce competition for special edition pins and during periods of high park traffic. This is why it is important for serious traders to get there early. Cast Members will have freshly stocked lanyards and are more likely to have desirable pins at this time.
  • Traders should not worry about “fair” trades. Disney has perfected this system and Cast Members will not give one a hard time about  sports trading pins a seemingly worthless pin for something special.

The Disney Trading Pin Source

PinProsPlus started business in the pin business by selling Disney Trading Pins and is still the go-to source for customized pins. Contact PinProsPlus for all your trading pin needs.




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