Hard Enamel Pins: When Only the Best Will Do

October 16, 2023

Among the most-frequently asked questions we get are these two: “Should I order a hard enamel pin?” and “What’s the key difference I’ll notice with a hard enamel pin?”We’ll tackle these questions together.A hard enamel pin should be used when you want the pin to be polished flat so it is smooth and doesn’t have a texture because the enamel paint and the metal lines. You can feel it on your fingertip if you run it across the pin. The decision between hard and soft enamel is based mostly on the look you want, your budget and how you plan to use the pin.Sometimes, hard enamel pins are called “cloisonné” pins because they have a look similar to the beautiful art objects created by ancient Chinese artisans for the Emperor. They have a very high-quality finish and appearance because the lustrous colors don’t fade with time. Hard enamel pins are lost-lasting and look much more expensive than they cost.

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Many Uses for Hard Enamel Pins

Companies, marketing and advertising agencies, and organizations order hard enamel pins when they have a need for a high quality, durable pin:

  • Corporate events such as launching a new division
  • Rewarding an employee for loyal service or to showcase “a job well done”
  • When employees are going to a trade show or convention
  • Fraternities and sororities use them to show pride in belonging
  • Politicians use them to hand out to donors and supporters
  • Charities and social service organizations give one to volunteers

But they also may be adapted for other uses. We have customers who put their hard enamel pin on cufflinks, key chairs tie bars and stick pins. If you can dream it, we can make it!

Different Ways to Attach and To Package

Obviously, a pin needs some sort of clasp so that somebody receiving one can put on their short, blouse, jacket, hat or bag. Good news! There are many different ways to hold the pin in place.We can put a butterfly, rubber, deluxe or screw clutch on the back as well as a safety pin or even a magnet strip. The packaging you choose can be just as flexible, depending on your needs. We can put them in poly bags, a velvet bag, a plastic box or on a backer card.Yet despite the quality of the pin, and the choice of attachments and packaging, hard enamel pins are reasonably priced: They cost as little as 72-cents each, depending on the pin size and the number of pins ordered.And at PinProsPlus, you never pay for artwork if you need help with designing your pin. Proofs are free, as well, as is UPS ground shipping in the United States,When you want to display the very best, a hard enamel is the very best choice.If you have any questions or want to see if your idea can be made into a pin, call us at (801) 544-1005.

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