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October 16, 2023

One of our representatives answered the phone not long ago to find an account manager on the other end from an agency we’d done a lot of work with over the years. She was in a panic. After procrastinating for months about going ahead with a nationwide promotion, one of the agency’s best clients that is in the consumer products business decided to proceed – in just three weeks.“We need 100 banners and tens of thousands of pins!” the woman exclaimed. “We don’t even have a final design yet for any of it. Can you bail us out?”Our rep smiled to herself because she’d gotten calls like this before. A customer needs a fast turnaround for their pins, buttons, patches, banners or some other item that will be used in a promotion or at an event such as a fund-raiser or neighborhood celebration. It happens when families are planning a reunion and it happens when Fortune 100 companies are launching a new product.

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Short Notice, Fast Turnaround

Because we work with many advertising and marketing firms, we understand that they often are asked to implement something they had recommended months earlier. Their clients do not want to hear “What were you waiting for? You need to give us more advanced notice to do that.” They simply want it done, period.With many of our products, we can ship them to you in only a few business days. While some might take a bit longer, we will tell you up-front what the delivery time will be.And like the agency that called desperate to have buttons and banners produced and ready on a short turnaround, many customers only have a general idea of what the final “creative” will look like. Sometimes, they will email rough concepts to us. Our designers will turn the general idea into a proof for the agency’s approval in hours, not days.There is no extra charge to the agency for our designers helping to finalize the creative, whether it is for what a button, pin lapel or patch might look like or how the message and lettering on a banner will best fit and stand out.Likewise, agencies appreciate the fact that we do not charge them for UPS ground shipping anywhere in the United States regardless of the size of the order.Because our products are priced so reasonably – as little as 60-cents each for soft enamel pins and 49-cents each for embroidered patches, depending on the size and quantity ordered – there is room for marketing firms to markup the price without raising eyebrows at the client end.

Helping Marketing Firms Build Strong Relationships

Just as you have built a strong relationship with your clients, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with marketing and advertising agencies. Many have been customers for a long time.It happens because we go out of our way to understand the agency business, and the kind of pressures and demands clients place on you. Whether or not you have worked with us previously, take a look around the website to see what will work for your clients next promotion and then feel free to call (801) 544-1005 to ask any questions. If your creative team can dream it, we can make it!We’re here to help you look good to your clients. Get your free quote.Want more information about Lapel Pins? Here are more related posts:

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